Twenty(ish) Before Twenty: Faux-glasses, Puff-pastry and Films

At the beginning of last month I made a little list of twenty things that I wanted to do before my twentieth birthday.  None of them are too big, I’m not planning on running a race, writing a novel or sky-diving before then (the last one i’ll never do!), but there are some small, every-day things that I want to spend time savoring.

I’m so excited about my twentieth birthday; it’s been a long time coming and the build up has been immense so far!  Lots of my friends have already had this momentous birthday, so I’m feeling a little bit left behind right now.  Growing up, I was never the kind of kid who enjoyed running around and getting dirty.  My major goal in life was to be an adult.  Well, I’ve already got the legal end of that down, but the idea of giving up the suffix teen is insanely exciting.

Not to mention, when people ask me how old I am now, I have to pause before I say nineteen.  Luckily, there’s not much time left for that!

So far I’ve crossed the following off my list…

Buy a pair of faux-glasses  I realize this is probably one of the most frivilous purchases a person could make, but I really don’t care.  Ever since my first round of university exams and essays, I’ve wanted a pair of fake glasses to slip on when I go into study mode.  The pair I finally got was from Zara…the store in Heathrow’s Terminal Three (the best terminal ever since they’ve redesigned it, better than terminal five!).  I’ve worn them a couple times since then; the fact that I’ve actually done some coursework during break speaks to their amazing study-fuelling properties.

Watch the film adaption of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I loved the book; one of my all-time favorites.  The movie, however, took everything I loved about the book and threw it onto the editing room floor.  My favorite aspect about the book was how Berendt never seemed to suggest his point of view for what happened and really let the reader decide.  In the movie?  Not so much.  Do yourself a favor and read the book; don’t waste two and a half hours of your life on the movie.

Make puff pastry It’s one of those things that seems complicated, but really could not be easier.  Okay, my pastry wasn’t perfect.  It puffed up at least five inches in the oven only to cascade downwards once removed, but it tasted fantastic.  I used it to make a mille feuille, one of my favorite pastries, which tastes fabulous and was a lot less complicated than I expected.

Redesign blog I love purple and I love croissants, but I just felt like the way my little blog looked before wasn’t speaking to who I was.  Now, it hits just the right note of silly, elegant and croissant-ness.  Except for the fact there aren’t any croissants; the right hand photo is of a cornetto.  Obviously not the ice cream kind.

Read a favorite childhood book I glorify the stories of my childhood, but sometimes it’s nice to return to them.  Admittedly, I was thirteen when Amelia’s Family Reunion came out, but the Amelia notebooks where definitely a hallmark of my childhood.  It was fun, sort of held up and definitely made me want to make my own notebook again.  And, no, I never thought we had the same name growing up.

Do what goals do you want to accomplish before your next birthday/next month/next year?


2 thoughts on “Twenty(ish) Before Twenty: Faux-glasses, Puff-pastry and Films

  1. Faith @ For the Health of It

    Happy almost birthday!

    Those are awesome little things to accomplish – almost more awesome than the big ones! Love the new blog design as well. My birthday is in July, so now you’ve got me thinking about little goals I’d like to hit!

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thank you! Little goals are so important, but I feel like they sometimes get pushed under for all the big ones, you know? Good luck with all your goals 🙂


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