Rainy Cup: Oslo Coffee Roasters

Sometimes I fall in love with the images that cafe names inspire within my mind’s eyes before I actually visit.  Isn’t the name Oslo Coffee Roasters evocative?  In my fantasy it’s a small cafe decorated with slightly rustic wooden tables and chairs in both dark and light colors.  It is, in a word, charming.  In two words, charmingly Scandinavian.

My dreams and idyllic images rarely manifest themselves in reality.  There are some times when I find unexpected delights—Irving Farm Coffee was one of those—but cafes only infrequently meet my expectations.  This may, however, be a good thing.  When daydreaming, I can conjure up anything in my mind and anything seems possible.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a drama queen.

I headed off to Williamsburg to find Oslo Coffee Roasters on Bedford Avenue on a rainy Saturday in late March.  It was unseasonably cold; the perfect weather for a soul-warming coffee.  And, hopefully, a warm little Nordic inspired cafe.

Now, it was very important to me to head over to the Bedford Avenue cafe.  You see, they have three different locations in New York.  Two in Williamsburg—the other is on Roebling Street—and one on the Upper East Side.  This one, however, has a lever operated espresso machine.  It’s one of the only ones in New York and seemed to be worthy of a look-see.

Well, I must admit, the machine was gorgeous.  If you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t recognize it, but the shiny red metal against the handles was fun to look at.  The question is, how good would the coffee be?

I ordered a cappuccino that was a bit milkier than I would have preferred, though the coffee itself was very good. My enjoyment would have been multiplied ten-fold if I had received my drink after ordering a latte.  It was too milky and lacking the proper amount of schiuma to make me say ‘Si, cappuccino!!’ but still had enough of that coffee bite and a good ratio of foam to milk to be quite drinkable.

It may not be destination coffee, but it’s good.

Now, how did the cafe meet my romantic expectations?  Well, nothing could have really lived up to the images in my head.  Inside Oslo was small, yet bright and inviting.  There wasn’t so much a place to sit as there was a variety of wooden tables to stand at.  It looked Nordic in a sense, though probably a more realistic nordic than the word conjures up in my brain.

Overall Oslo Coffee Roasters was a perfectly pleasant experience, though not exactly a stand out one.  If you’re in the neighborhood and want some coffee, do stop by.  At least to take a look at their cool espresso machine.

Do you imagine cafes to be different than they are?  How do you picture Oslo Coffee Roasters?

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