A Crumbs Cupcake, Spinning-class and Calling Card

I generally only find myself moderately excited for my birthday.  This year, however, I am bouncing off the walls in excitement.  It feels like Christmas Day is approaching.  I realize that my 20th birthday won’t actually be some momentous occasion, as soon as I wake up I’m not going to feel any different, but I’m trying to enjoy the build-up.

As an update to my first twenty-before-twenty post, here are the five slightly silly and extremely fun mini-goals I’ve accomplished in the past week.

Eat a Crumbs Cupcake Crumbs sells the biggest, most frosting dominated cupcakes around and our relationship has truly been love at first bite.  I got my favorite, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, and enjoyed every last bite.  The only disappointment?  It wasn’t filled!  So many of their cupcakes are filled that I wa a bit shocked this one wasn’t.  Not that I’m complaining.  After al, I did get a full oreo on top…

Watch Sabrina Goes to Rome It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  It was the tv show of my childhood (and teenage-hood…), I own the entire series on DVD and watch it frequently.  Ever since the last season came out on DVD, I’ve been wanting to watch the one special feature: Sabrina Goes to Rome!  I finally managed to and while it’s not the most brilliant piece of cinema out there, it illuminated quite a few things about how my mind works now.  Not to mention, there were a good deal of moments when I just knew what the next line was going to be.  totally not a nerd at all…

Take a Spin Class For some reason I got it into my head that taking a spin class would be like a rite of passage.  They’re trendy and feel oh-so-adult.  So, last Monday I took a class at Soul Cycle Tribeca.  After nearly dying during the warm-up, I toned it down a bit, got a great workout and had a blast.  If you are thinking of going, GO.  Loved the Soul Cycle experience and they have a special rate for first-timers.  Sweat was literally dripping in my eyes.

Make Cheese Straws/Wafers/Biscuits/whatever you want to call them I used to love these soft cheese-y biscuit-y cracker-y things my mom made.  They pretty much defied classification in any normal category except for their taste: awesome.  I can’t remember the last time I had them, but I decided that I needed to find a comparable recipe.  Well, I did!  I made these, didn’t roll them thin and they tasted exactly like the soft, chewy and cheese-y crackers of my childhood.  On a side note, I used whole wheat flour, water instead of cream, paprika instead of red pepper and, surprise, surprise, halved the recipe.

Make/Design a Calling Card I didn’t have a real reason to do this one, but I love the idea of having my own quasi-business card.  It sounds so grown up!  Since printing them is quite expensive and I don’t really need to do that, I simply designed a small card in photoshop.  It’s clean, simple and a bit fun; like me (i hope!).  Besides, now I’ll have a bit of practice when it comes time to make a real business card for myself!

What’s one goal, big or small, that you’ve accomplished in the past week?


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