Get There: Bowery Coffee

I have a huge list of coffee places to try.  So huge that I’ll probably never get to visit them all.  That’s okay though.  I enjoy the suspense of trying a new coffee places, seeing the atmosphere and, of course, testing the coffee.  Each cafe does something a little different.  Sure, there are some that I prefer to others, but it’s always a pleasure to see what makes each cafe tick.

Don’t ask me how long I’ve been waiting to get over to Bowery Coffee.  It’s been a metaphoric forever.  There’s just always something in the way; too far, somewhere else around there, will I get a seat.

Well, I finally sucked it up and just went there.  My subway may have taken forever, I may have spent fifteen a couple minutes salivating over this handbag in Bloomingdales and I may have been running a bit late to meet my mother for lunch; but I stopped and took a couple minutes to get a cappuccino.

But it was totally worth it.

The coffee was fantastic.  There was the right amount of foam, right amount of milk and a fantastic flavor that hit the perfect mark between deeply roasted and bright.  It was the kind of cup you could drink every day and not get tired of it or feel like you were going to get coffee poisoning.

I must admit, however, the absolute loveliness of the cafe itself was part of the reason for my adoration.  Yes, the coffee was top-notch, but who wants to be served coffee from a group of surly hispters?  let’s be honest, they are all too common behind the la marzocco in new york coffee joints.  No one.

The counter people here were some of the nicest, with the least attitude, that I have encountered thus far.  Sure, it could be because they weren’t harried (there was hardly any line when I arrived and what business there was moved quickly, though not unpleasantly so), but I’d chalk it up to working well.

There weren’t many seats, about four circular cafe tables lined along a bench with a chair each, but what seats there were, were comfortable.  You might not want to linger here for hours, but it would be a pleasant place to sit and have a chat with someone.

And, for people who like doughnuts, they have doughnuts from Doughnut Plant. So, I guess that’s pretty awesome as well.

Above all, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to Bowery Coffee.  I sure can’t wait to go back.

What restaurant/cafe/shop/random place is at the top of your ‘must-try’ list?


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