Take a Break: RBC NYC

I kinda love Tribeca.

Tribeca is a bit of an anomaly.  It doesn’t fit perfectly into the tapestry of other neighborhoods.  It’s sort of constructed, but synthesizes that New York essence.  You’re a stones throw away from the financial district, meaning you get some fringes of high-powered people wearing business suits.  Yet, you are still close enough to SoHo to get a bit of the hipster.  There’s money all around you, yet it feels understated.  You can never quite decide if the street you’re walking down is gorgeous, or just a bit decrepit.  It’s easy to get lost, but easy to find yourself.

It’s downtown meets uptown essentially.

I don’t go there often enough.  Which is part of the reason I decided to book my Soul Cycle class at their TriBeCa studio, just to get me there.  It was a good decision, in more ways than one.

After class, sweaty, wobbling and slightly exhausted, I headed over to RBC NYC to give my body a much earned injection of caffeine.  I’ve read quite a bit about this cafe and was eager to check it out.

However, in classic Emilia form, I freaked out that I’d passed the coffee shop, only to find myself standing right in front of it.  Drama queen much?

Anyway, RBC NYC is a small cafe located on the border between TriBeCa and the financial district.  The outside of the building looks enough like a bank that it’s easy to miss it.  Don’t walk by, however, you’ll want to go in and get some coffee.

The inside is small, but not cramped.  There’s a large communal table with about eight chairs, two arm chairs and three large stools at an ample counter facing the window.  Inside it’s pleasant, quiet and gently filled with people tapping away on their MacBook Pros.

I ordered a cappuccino.  It was quite delicious.  Creamy, if perhaps not a bit milky, with a good foam-to-drink ratio.  The coffee tasted mild in a way that could have been sweet, but stayed pleasantly afar.  You wanted to drink it all at once, but in a good way.

RBC NYC may not be my every day destination, but is definitely worth a stop if you are in either TriBeCa or the Financial District.  They also have a decent variety of different beans to try, if that sort of thing is up your alley.

What helps you try new cafes/restaurants/work out places/etc?

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