The Controversial One: Patisserie Claude

The first time I went to Patisserie Claude was after a blood test.  Needles—along with take off, loud noises and the dark—are some of my least favorite and most scare inducing things.

And after reading that list I feel like a five year old.  Classic.

I first read about Patisserie Claude whist perusing old Serious Eats NY taste tests.  Bagels, cupcakes and baguettes; all fascinating, but the croissant test  truly captured my attention.  Figuring out what the best croissant in New York is?  That’s the kind of test I can get into!

I’ve tried quite a few of the croissants on their list and they are all fantastic.  Ceci-cela is brilliant, Francois Payard is too and Almondine will always hold a special place in my heart.

Patisserie Claude, number six on the list, is a must-eat NY croissant.  There are few croissants in the city that inspire such a fervent discussion.  That is, if there are any other croissants that inspire debate at all.  They truly are the Levain cookie of the croissant world.  Even though it’s not a text-book perfect croissant, it is a delicious one.

The croissant is heavy, flaky and buttery.  The texture verges on doughy in the most pleasant way. It could be bread-y, but manages to capture an evanescent spot between bread and pastry.  If a baguette met puff pastry, this might be it.  Don’t worry, you won’t forget you are eating a croissant.

My mother and I each got one on a lovely morning in mid-April.  We watched people pass by as we sat eating them in Washington Square park.  There were cute little dogs, people smartly dressed in suits and groups of pre-college students gawking at their campus-to-be.

For a truly ideal morning, grab your croissant, head over to Third Rail to get a cappuccino to take away and then sit yourself on a gently shaded bench.  It’s fun and easy, perfect for a relaxing break before the crazy day that’s ahead of you.

Patisserie Claude, I like you.  And I can’t wait to go back.

I might even try a pain au chocolat.

What’s your favorite way to start a busy day?

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4 thoughts on “The Controversial One: Patisserie Claude

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