How Much: Caffe Vita

Modern society is defined by the smartphone.  You can access your email anywhere!  People can tweet you at any time!  Facebook!  Phone calls!  Skype!  It’s all right there!

Or so I’ve heard.

I don’t have a smartphone.  That is not to say that I am at a loss for phone-ownage.  I have three phones.  One for America that is, in phone years, ancient.  I’ve had it since my senior year of high school, you know when flip phones with full keypads were all the rage.  Over the past couple of trips home, I’ve watched the battery die a slow and prolonged death.

I also have a plethora of English phones.  The phone I use to call America that I bought purely because it was cheap-but-not-too-cheap.  I also have a phone that can access wifi.  That is the smartest phone I have.  If only the wifi connectivity feature actually worked.

I contemplated this quasi-detachment from the modern world as I walked to Caffe Vita.  It was a nice Spring day that was getting increasingly warm as I strolled around.  The kind of day that makes you want to forget your computer, phone and camera and just live outdoors.

I assume that the folks at Caffe Vita felt a similar separation from the contemporary world when they set their prices.  They hoped their customers paid without contemplation.  Well, that’s not me.  I want the best deal; I want quality for a good price.

Unfortunately, Caffe Vita barely supplied me with any of that.

I should have realized, it’s on the Lower East Side.  I was doomed from the beginning.  It’s another world down there that I just don’t understand.  My cappuccino, an eight-ounce paper cup, cost $4.63.  The prices were advertised sans tax.  I wish I could say that any bit of my experience was worth $4.63 but it wasn’t.

The coffee was good, but nothing shocking.  It had a mellow flavor with a surprising force behind it.  It could have been bitter, but wasn’t.  The milk was frothed nicely, but just a bit too aerated.  It was a good coffee experience and would have been very good.  If my cappuccino cost something closer to the roughly-standard asking price of $3.50.

The cafe itself was small, with a single (and quite impractical) bar running down the length of it.  There were a couple of chairs at the front, but I could tell that it would be a rare occurrance to find it empty.  At the front, on the street, there was a bar like they have at Abraço.  This is the Lower East Side, however.  Not exactly the most scenic location in which to take your coffee.

Had the coffee been cheaper and had the cafe had a bit more seating, I would have enjoyed this experience quite a bit.  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Caffe Vita.

Do you feel in touch with the modern world?  Do you have a smartphone?


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