Read~ing: Add More ~ing to Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein

I love happy.  I like to be happy, I like to be surrounded by happy people and I prefer movies with happy endings as opposed to “realistic” ones.  Say whatever you wish, but I would rather live in a happy universe than a sad one.

After reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin last October—one of my favorite books—I fell in love with increasing my happiness through seemingly-small actions.  Since then I’ve practiced, or tried to practice, simple steps to foster a merry environment.  Following the one-minute rule—if it takes less than one minute, do it now—can be difficult at points, but leads to a surprisingly large happiness payout.

Ever since then, I’ve been constantly trying to find new ways to look on the bright side.  Sure, we need some bad days in order to appreciate the good, but I would much prefer if the amount of good days in my life outweighed the bad.

I first read about Gabrielle Bernstein when her second book, Spirit Junkie, came out last year.  Elle featured an article about the phenonmenon surrounding her.  Although I was interested in checking the book out, it sat firmly on the back burner of my mind.

Until now.

In Add More ~ing to Your Life Bernstein presents a logical and refreshing take on happiness that everyone can gain from.  Bernstein may not be presenting a revolutionary new philosophy on happiness—she says herself that her teachings are heavily influenced by A Course in Miracles—but she clarifies each step to make sure you fully understand the process.

The book is divided into twelve chapters, each of which tackles a different block that prevents you from receiving guidance from your inner voice or “~ing”.  Bernstein recommends following the chapters in the presented order in which they are presented to gain the most from your journey.  She even provides you with different meditations and different activities to do that will help you reconnect with your inner voice.  The suggestions are seemingly straight forward, but their effortlessness is what makes the book—and the path that she argues for—so appealing and compelling.

While the book is definitely more “self-help” than anything else, it is written surprisingly well and is a pleasure to read.  In order to help you understand the practical applications of her ideas, Bernstein constantly provides anecdotes from her own life as well as the lives of her students.  These stories provide the book with a narrative and make the reading seem a bit less dry.

The ideas may not be for everyone, but they are worth giving a shot.  Whilst reading, I found myself realizing that I believe the ideas she puts forth, I just didn’t know I believed them.  It’s hard not to get drawn into Bernstein’s world of self-love and miracles and there is no reason to fight it.

Pick this book up and prepare to feel inspired.

Do you consider yourself spiritual in a traditional or a traditional sense?

Want to know more?  Check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s website for some awesome vlogs and meditations!


2 thoughts on “Read~ing: Add More ~ing to Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Meenakshi

    I must check out both these books! If you are interested in happiness, you should try and get your hands on The Geography Of Bliss by Eric Weiner. It’s not a how-to book; but a travelogue/memoir of what happiness means to different cultures. Interesting read.

    1. Emilia Post author

      That sounds great, I’ll definitely have to check that out. I love reading travelogue/memoir style books. Thanks for recommending it 🙂


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