Dear Summer

It’s nice to see you again, how have you been?  I’ve certainly missed you over the past half-year, those too-short winter days don’t have anything on your endless light.

Okay, so I guess you aren’t really here yet, I still have twenty days of Spring left to play around with.  And I probably won’t really feel like IT IS SUMMER until I wake up in my own bed with the pb kids paris toile sheets on the morning of 23 June.  But still, I’m done with obligations of university for a little while.  My summer break has started.

There are so many reasons why I think we’ll have a good time together, but I think the best way I can describe my feelings to you is through a story.  It seems to be that I do that more and more frequently, doesn’t it?

Last Thursday I took a walk.  I didn’t want to work and the prospect of thinking about my year abroad was giving me a freak out of epic proportions.  A walk would make everything better, I thought.  It did, of course.  I should probably realize by now that whatever the dilemma is the best solution is always ‘take a walk’.

I went out and felt the cool breeze.  The relief from a warm day, my favorite type of evening.  There were people out enjoying the lingering sun, enjoying being able to enjoy the weather and the world.  I didn’t know where I was going, I was planning only to take a short walk.

So I went.

I circled around the harbourside and then I noticed that my feet started to guide me.  They took me around a new little patch of water that I had not yet seen.  They took me around where I had run my 10k the previous sunday.  They took me back and they took me further than I thought I was going to go.  But I let them guide me.

It allowed my mind to free up for a bit.  The atmosphere, the air, the light and the breeze were summer.  The ability to take a walk out and the late sun were summer.  It felt completely like the essence of summer boiled down into one evening walk.  I usually take those in summer anyway.

Then, I realized, this walk didn’t only feel like summer to me, it also felt a bit like Italy.  The breeze and the people were Italy.  The ability to take a stroll without a destination was Italy.  The atmosphere and my mind were Italy.

This is why I study Italian, I thought, for the sweetness of the summer evening air.  True, I do lots of grammar and, true, I’ll be in Italy mostly during the winter, but as I walked I felt another essence of ITaly around me.  I could taste the breakfast biscotti I used to eat.  I could feel the cool the peach iced tea in my mouth and I could see the old buildings surrounding me.  The cobblestones hurt my feet as they welcomed them in.

So, summer, I think we’ll have a pretty good time.  True, I’ll be doing a lot, working and studying and preparing for my year abroad, but I think we’ll have some fun.  It shouldn’t be too bad.

And even if it does get to be 111 degrees one day, well, this time I’ll remember to wear cotton and drink loads of water.  And run for that bus.



What’s your favorite thing about summer?


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