June: The Goals

Every month I create a list of goals to help guide me in the coming thirty days.  Some are reasonable, some are ridiculous, and most are just for fun.  I enjoy having a little list sitting in my filofax to remind me what’s going on in my universe that month.  Never mind if I forget some goals, which happens more often than I would care to admit, knowing that I can turn to a page and see what I want guides me when things turn crazy.

Last month my goals were a bit lofty and I ended up leaving quite a few of them behind.  Grammar revision for an hour each day, who was I kidding with that?!  This month, I’m looking forward to developing upon a few previous ones—I’ve been working on my plank since February— and bring some new, summer dedicated ones into the mix.  Since I don’t have class, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to give each and every goal a well-deserved check at the end of the month!

Through posting my intentions here, on the blog, for the world to see, I’m trying to increase my responsibility to achieving them.  Maybe I’ll inspire YOU to go for a new goal.  After all, isn’t it more fun to accomplish than to relax?

Let me know what your goals are!  Big or small, every step is the right step.

Your Turn!  What’s one of your goals for June?


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