Scones for the Queen, Chocolate Chip Cookies for me

For those of you who aren’t in the UK, you may not realize that we just finished the world’s longest bank holiday weekend ever.  In fact, yesterday was only my first true day of summer.  The first day that I had off when I’m usually in class. Unfortunately, the weather, in true British style, wasn’t exactly the cheeriest, but people were out-and-about, eager to celebrate.

That’s sixty years on the throne.  A celebration that, the BBC announcers assured me, has only happened at one other point in the monarchy’s millenial history.  Pretty crazy, no?

The first place I headed after leaving the examination hall was the kitchen.  I opened my refrigerator door and saw a box of strawberries precariously waiting to be eaten.  Although I find the expiration dates on vegetables to be a bit useless, the ones on fruit are scary precise and these needed to be used…soon.

I wanted to make scones, but the high water content of the strawberries worried me a bit.  I tried to scale down the liquid in the recipe to make up for it.   My scones ended up being more like muffin-tops than proper scones.  They tasted amazing, but the texture wasn’t ideal.

Of course, I only partially followed the recipe.  If you want to give it a go, here it is!

The chocolate chip cookies were a personal creation, the so/so fruit of baking without a recipe.  I threw in olive oil, too much milk, molasses and brown sugar.  They were good but lacked the quintessential chocolate chip cookie taste that I longed for.  My perfect chocolate chip cookie is soft and chewy; these verged on cake-y.

Then, because I can’t stay away from the oven, I roasted some chickpeas.  Possibly one of the best snacks, these are roasted in sea salt and vinegar.  Only, white wine vinegar.  They’re good, but I would have preferred a stronger, malt vinegar.  Check out this awesome post for directions!

So yeah, on my bank holiday weekend I baked.  It was nice and relaxing, but now I’m ready for that kitchen aid mixer.  Oh, you tell me I still have sixteen days?  Darn it.

What have you made recently?

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