The Summer (2012) Playlist

My music preferences oscillate with the temperature.  On hot days, all I really want to listen to is Lady Gaga and Tiziano Ferro.  Each summer, I discover some new songs to commemorate the season.  Sometimes they are the big hits of the summer, thought not always.  No matter what, listening to them outside of season is a near-painful nostalgia-soaked experience.

Summer music goes perfectly with picnics, open windows in cars, fro-yo and unbearable heat.  These are the songs that you want to listen to when the feels like temperature is 111 and all you want to do is sit on the couch with a pack of ice on your head.  I kind of love it.

Here are my choices for Summer 2012, evolving as ever, but I’m certain these will be on constant loop this season.

What are your favorite summer songs?


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