Making a Choice: Happy List

I’ve forgotten about all the good things recently.  It’s summer, I’m on break, I have only a few obligations in the coming weeks, but all I can focus is on what I don’t have.  Right now, I’ve come down with a bad case of the “when I haves”.  When I get home, then I’ll be happy.  When I have nice weather, then I’ll be happy.  When I have my flip flops, a good croissant and good coffee, then, and only then, will I be happy.


It’s become easier to focus on the bad stuff then the many things that are truly good in my life.  There are so many things!  Here are TEN good things in my life right now, do they match anything that’s making you smile?

1.  Reading.  I’ve been able to spend so much time reading now that I don’t have to do course readings.  I’m loving being able to hang out with my preferred protagonists, they are a refreshing break from Dante and Virgil.

2.  Pancake weekends.  I’m pretty awful at making panckaes—it’s the flipping that does me in every time—but I’ve been making Sunday pancake mornings a little tradition.  So far, I’ve tried these two recipes and loved them both.  My dad used to always make chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday, I’ll have to ask him for some pointers!

3.  Spinning.  Remember the first time I tried spinning?  Some how my pride wasn’t totally smashed and I managed to try it again.  And now I am hooked.  Seriously considering going to that 7:30 am class the morning I fly home…thoughts?

4.  My horrible housemate is going away from the sixteenth to the twenty-eighth.  That means we only have two days left living together.  To say I’m crying of joy wouldn’t be too far off from the truth.

5.  The new Tiziano Ferro album is amazing.  I got it the week before my exam and fell in love.  Perfect for summer!  And there’s an english-language track at the end of my favorite song, it’s on repeat.

6.  This.  I impulse bought it over the bank holiday weekend (oops) and have fallen in love.  I need to try and make a better, healthier, version when I get home.

7.  My summer plans are shaping up and I am so excited.  It seems I’ll be working as an intern again (!!), hopefully taking a mini-trip and hanging out with friends.  And visa stuff…but that doesn’t belong on a happy list, does it?

8.  Rereading books.  I’ve been doing this more and more recently and I’ve been surprised at how I get an equally strong response to stories the second time around.  So far I’ve reread A Homemade Life, The Happiness Project and MWF Seeking BFF.  Next up?  A Walk in the Woods and The Blue Bistro.

9.  I’ve only heard good things about Pavia.  Seriously, every single person who knows the university has told me something good about it.  I’ll take this as a good omen.  Let’s ignore how I totally botched my registration (though I did manage to fix it through writing in Italian, so I guess that is kinda good news).

10.  I just went on a trip to London.  How could that not be AMAZING?  More to come on that later…

Your turn!  Name one, two, three or a hundred good things in your life recently.  


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