Yoga: Two Months On

During my last week of spring break (so long ago now!) I finally tried out Strala Yoga, a yoga studio in Greenwich Village, and it was love at first downward dog.  I used my introductory offer—unlimited classes for the first week for only $20—very, very, well.  At the end of the week, I had gone to three different classes and had a whole new appreciation for yoga.

I’ve loved yoga for quite sometime; however consistent with my love, with my practice, I was not.  I would practice several times a week for a spell, then forget about it.  Life got in the way, I got bored.  But, truthfully, I didn’t know how to keep up my yoga practice.  I didn’t know what that meant.

Now, I’m not sure that I really know what it means now.  What I do know, however, doing yoga regularly makes it easier to do yoga regularly.  It sounds simple, but takes more effort than it should, especially at the beginning.  When you’re tired in the morning, it’s not always easy to roll out the mat.  When you want to sleep or sit in front of the couch, it’s a struggle to find the motivation to move.  That is, if you don’t know how yoga changes your life.

Everyday, since my first class on April 16th, I have practiced yoga for at least ten minutes a day.

I could regale you with stories of why you too should try yoga, but that’s never fun to hear.  I could talk about myself—yes, more than I already do—and explain how yoga has made me feel, but that would be a bit too self-indulgent.

When I went to London, I decided NOT to miss a day of my practice.  I went to a class at TriYoga.  An open class, where the teacher decides the style of yoga they want to teach.  I hoped the teacher would lead a physically demanding class, a class that would leave my muscles sore without turning me into a sweaty mess.

Well, I didn’t exactly get my wishes.  Did I want to run to the shower?  Fortunately no.  Was the class super demanding?  Not exactly.  Did the class test me in ways I didn’t expect?  Completely.

I remember during my first Soul Cycle class when, a few moments in, the instructor said that the class was all about “discovering your favorite person: yourself”.  To me, that statement works a lot better for yoga.  Yoga is a time to focus on yourself.  It’s about discovering your own body, discovering your own mind and slowly moving through them, uniting them.  At least, that’s what yoga is for me.

Yoga could be something else for you.  Let me give you some advice, as a friend.  Take a bit of time the next week and do yoga every day to figure out what it means for you.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover.

Have you ever tried yoga or do you practice it regularly?  


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