Decisions, Decisions: Ports Coffee

Going to get a cappuccino the morning after an espresso class is tricky business.  Of course, it’s even trickier busness when said morning coincides with your first day of your summer internship.

Not only did I want to get a great coffee—a coffee that was up to my newly sharpened espresso tasting skills—I also needed a cup that would fuel me for work.  A cup that would announce to the world, “heck, yes I am an intern!”  Because being an intern is obviously totally cool.

When I arrived in front of my office building—forty five minutes early—I decided that a bit of a coffee journey was in order.  I walked to 23rd Street between 7th and 8th avenue.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I found.

Ports is small.  Small, with barely any seats and a dark cave-like atmosphere.  Not so small, however, that they couldn’t fit seats in.  It would have been nice to have a few tables; however cramped they would have to be.

Ports is a neighborhood coffee place.  A kind of place that you would be happy to have near you, but wouldn’t go out of the way for.  Unless you are an intern on your first day of work trying to waste time before it’s acceptable to take the elevator up to the which-floor-was-that-again floor.  There was only one other person who in the cafe at the same time as me.  There were two people working behind the counter.

I ordered a cappuccino.  I always want to try something stronger, but get nervous.  Do I, the five-foot two-and-three-quarters kinda blonde girl, look like someone who could take a macchiato?  As the answer to a mini-identity crisis, I go for the cappuccino.

My drink was lovely, but a bit dull.  The espresso tasted surprisingly thin even nestled into the warm milk.  I wanted something with more punch, with more flavor.  While it was a good drink—everything was there cosmetically—it wasn’t the best.  I wouldn’t go out of my way for it and I started to forget what it tasted like as soon as I tossed the perfectly diminutive sized paper cup into a bin on the street corner.

Ports is nice, but it’s a place to get coffee if you are in the neighborhood, not a destination.  Save your walks for nearby Joe and Cafe Grumpy.

Do you like to have a coffee before work?  Made at home or bought outside?

PORTS Coffee Tea Co. on Urbanspoon


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