Smile When you Read that: Size 12 and Ready to Rock

Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors and has been for quite some time.  I could gush about how I have now been reading her books for half my life and even the first ones I read (the princess diaries) still feel pertinent.  I could talk about how her books have kept me company through so many changes in my life.  I could even discuss how they’re some of the few stories I find consistently re-readable; they always match my mood.  But none of those reasons gets to the point.

The point is that Meg Cabot’s books convey a world and a mind-set that no other author I’ve read seems to capture, or come close to really.  Her stories  feel as if they were written just for you.  The main character is your best friend, her enemy your arch rival and her love interest the hunkiest guy on the planet.  Yes, the hunkiest guy, I did use that word.

My approach to reading this specific book wasn’t anything dramatic, anything so interesting it would knock your socks off.  I had a gift card left over from my birthday, I had the date written down in my filofax and  I was home sick on the release date.  Luckily, that afternoon I managed to find the energy to drag myself to the book store with the motivation to get Size 12 and Ready to Rock.  I knew that if anything was going to make me feel better, this would be it.

And I was right.

The book is the fourth installment in the Heather Wells series, which follow an ex-child pop star as she finds a job, solves mysteries and navigates her love life.  If you like mysteries, you’ll find this book completely enjoyable.  Even if you aren’t a huge mystery fan, the story focuses on enough surrounding issues that you are likely to find it highly enjoyable.  The mystery feels fully integrated into the plot, but isn’t the sole driver.  The search for “who did it” isn’t always that straightforward and the crimes and themes with which the story deals are surprisingly heavy.

In Size 12 and Ready to Rock Wells finds herself in Fisher Hall (she works as an advisor in a university residence hall) for the summer with a group of students and a budding reality show that follows her ex-boyfriend’s new wife.  Everything appears to be going great, well as well as anything could go with a reality show coming into a residence hall to film for the summer, until Wells realizes that Tania may be hiding a secret.  Of course, she’ll figure out what it is and look good doing it.

This book was insanely fun.  Just reading it, sitting down in my chair or standing on the subway, made me feel as if a bright glow was surrounding me.  The happiness and excitement radiates off the page.  I forgot how much I love to read anything written by Meg Cabot.   Really, she’s one of my favorite authors from when I was a teenager and she still is now.

Who is your favorite author?  Do you have one?  Have they stood the test of time?


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