How to Make the Early Monday Morning Amazing

I may or may not love Monday mornings.  It’s always a rush to get back to your routine, to get back to a world where everyone is busy and rushing around instead of veging out on the sofa watching reality television (or the olympics).  Yet, there are moments when I find myself a tad bit jealous of those people who get to enjoy a Monday where they can simply relax and do their own work.

The self-employed in New York are quite the presence.  They’re the ones wearing their workout clothes in the morning and casual clothes midday.  They usually aren’t the ones rushing around and barking into their cell phones and I bet they never ride trains at rush hour.  It seems like it must be a pretty cool life, especially if you have a part time job somewhere to break up the day.

Now, I realize that I live quite the charmed life and my university routine very closely mirrors the schedule I just describe.  And I love my internship this summer.  I’m so excited to go to work everyday and write and talk to people and be in an office.  Still, there are sometimes when I feel little corners of jealousy poking up.  Especially after a great weekend.

Last Monday I felt a bit meh.  Sure, I was excited about work and by the time I hopped on the subway at nine am I had already prepped dinner, lifted weights, done yoga, read, had breakfast and did my hair, but something was missing.  In order to capture a small portion of weekend relaxation, I decided to try some new coffee.  Where would it be?  I had a list of reasonably close places in concentric circles surrounding work that I would choose depending on whether or not my train was on time or not.

Ultimately, I went to the Van Leuween ice cream truck.  Yep, those yellow trucks with the pretty drawings on their menu boards.  I bet you didn’t know they served coffee, I wouldn’t have either unless it was for NYTimes Scoop app.  So, thanks guys.

Because I am a loyal lover of japanese iced coffee, I decided to get a cappuccino.  It all looked fine, there was really pretty art, but it tasted a bit watery.  I could get into the particulars but, trust me, it’s really not worth it.

I held the little cup in my hand as I walked to work.  Part of me felt cool and part of me really wished that I could sit down somewhere to drink this.  Somewhere that wouldn’t be a makeshift desk.  Why do people love food carts so much?  They cut out an integral part of the dining experience if you ask me, the sitting down and being with people part.  The enjoyment part.

As I walked to work, I saw so many people clutching their coffees taking hurried sips.  All I have to ask is, really?  This is how our culture has decided to drink coffee?  I’m sorry guys, but it’s not going to work.  Not anymore.  Sure, it might be easier to grab a cup to go, but it’s not going to provide you with the same ambiance that coffee dictates.  Our society is rushing, but if we make time to sit down we’ll be able to enjoy a taste of the weekend in the weekdays.

By slowing down, even the people who have stressful nine-to-five (or ten-to-six) jobs can feel like they live the life of the self employed.  I didn’t feel that that morning, though I did end up having a great day.

So here is my public resolution and call to action to my fellow coffee drinkers, weekday lovers, weekend lovers and life livers:  let’s take a moment to slow down and enjoy our day.  It can be through sitting down with your cup of coffee, starting your day out writing or leaving a couple minutes earlier to take a nice walk before work.  It doesn’t matter.  Rushing might seem convenient, but what’s really appropriate is taking the time to honor ourselves, honor our lives and honor our morning routine.

Sorry food trucks, but I won’t be back.  And my Monday ended up being completely awesome.

Do you find yourself rushing in the mornings?  Do you enjoy weekdays or do you live for the weekend?


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