Walk and Talk: Sit and Wonder

Coming up with titles is really, really hard.  I do it all the time and I always struggle with striking the appropriate balance between witty and SEO friendly (well, obviously not on the blog).  After all, I want to enlighten people to the wonder of coffee, croissants and good books.  Or something like that.

I’ve discussed my confusion over cafe names before, but sometimes, even I must admit, the names strike gold.  They make you want to run and get a cappuccino and live the cafe life style.  Sit and Wonder ranks pretty highly on my personal list of favorite cafe names ever.  Other ones include: Think Coffee (mediocre coffee, but a brilliant name for a cafe that largely serves New York’s university student community), Bluebird Coffee Shop (I imagine cuteness times one thousand, and was only slightly disappointed.  The cafe is pretty darn cute) and Oslo Coffee Roasters (don’t know what I was expecting, I just adored the name).

Worst names ever?  Sorry Boston Tea Party, I may love you for many reasons (it is to Bristol Uni students what Think Coffee is to NYU students) but the name is fantastically cringe worthy.  Other than that, well, I won’t name names, but take a look at all the different cafes I’ve visited and you’re certain to see some names that will cause you to scratch your head.

Sit and Wonder, isn’t that what everyone wants to do when they go out to get coffee?  People at the cafe were doing just that; writing on their laptops, reading books, reading the paper, chatting, drawing, observing.  The name seemed to fit.

The cafe is in Prospect Heights and is pleasantly dark inside, the perfect haunt for a grey day.  The chairs are sort of mismatched, there’s plenty of wood, there’s a couch and there’s also a back garden.  It has plenty of space, but I could see how it might fill up quickly.  There aren’t that many great cafes, not to mention cafes that serve great coffee, around there.  People who need to work out of the house and prize coffee are certainly going to run there.

I went with my parents on a Sunday morning (we abandonded Sunday breakfasts many, many years ago) to get some coffee.  My dad and I ordered cortados and my mother, a decaf cappuccino.  We sunk into the dark, distressed leather couch in the back and sat down.

The cortado came in a funny oval glass unlike any I had seen before.  There seemed to be a surprising amount of foam, but little latte art.  I’m rarely fussed about this.  Who needs the latte art to be perfect?  I’d rather have an excellent drink than perfectly executed art (though they do tend to go hand in hand).

My cortado was good, though not excellent.  It had a nutty, almost smoky taste at first, that slowly descended into a fruity acidity as I drank it.  While it was nice, there was something missing.  It seemed out of balance in an odd way.  I wanted the acidity to be toned down so the smokey, nutty qualities could take center stage.

My mother’s cappuccino was nice, very velvety, though perhaps something you’d be more excited to receive if you had ordered a latte.  Still, as far as decaf cappuccinos go, it was a good one.

Sit and Wonder may not be serving the best coffee in New York, but they are serving up a lovely cafe that offers some of the best coffee that you’ll find in the neighborhood.  Head there for the drinks, but stay for the ambiance.

What is the best cafe name you’ve ever seen?  What’s the worst?


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