Timing: Falling For Me by Anna David

This book was all a matter of highly coincidental timing.  A couple of Fridays ago the library emailed me that my hold was ready to be picked up.  I didn’t even remember placing a hold on this book, but I was ready to read it.  The reading was nearly perfectly timed for my family’s trip to Rhode Island last weekend.

I wasn’t originally going to post this today, it was going to be a couple of days, or even weeks, down the road.  After hearing the news about Helen Gurley Brown’s passing yesterday, I knew that this needed to be written today.  That’s because Falling For Me records Anna David’s attempt to refashion her life living a year in the style of Gurley Brown’s book Sex and the Single Girl.

The book is a delightful in between of memoir and chick lit that I love so much.   It’s easy to read, yet makes you think in the best way possible. David is an interesting character herself.  She’s living in New York after moving from LA and experiencing a bit of a quarter life crisis concerning her relationship status and general life direction.  After eating a burger at shake shack, she heads to Barnes and Nobles and uncovers Gurley Brown’s famous book.  Inspiration strikes.

When I first saw the book, the title made me think that a large portion of it would be spent in Seville.  It’s not.  The book takes place mostly in New York.  It’s sort of a self-help book, but you’re watching someone else undergo the self help.  It’s inspiring and it came to me at the right time.  David goes to good cafes in New York (cafe grumpy!  birch!) and lives life in general.  Sometimes memoirs capture a static moment, or turn memories into something disappointingly static.  This book doesn’t do that.  It takes the ideas and puts them to life.  It puts them into stories.

If you liked MWF Seeking BFF or Bitter is the new Black, then you’ll love Falling For Me. A great read for summer and a great read to spur inspiration into you.  It fits in perfectly with books like Spirit Junkie, urging us to live as our more authentic selves.  This is simply another way to do so.

Cosmopolitan?  Sex and the Single Girl?  How did you know about Helen Gurley Brown?


One thought on “Timing: Falling For Me by Anna David

  1. anthony0358

    thank you for sharing this with us! Anna David is my all time favorite author and this book was wonederful!


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