Everyman Espresso

I like the morning.  I don’t mind waking up early; having a couple of hours to myself before work (or lectures) helps me own the day.  My time doesn’t belong only to writing news briefs and conjugating verbs.  It has a unique flavor, imbued with whatever bit of creative spirit I have.  I like that.

Sometimes I enjoy spending my mornings reading, writing, lifting weights or getting coffee.  Some other mornings, however, are spent with a bit more design to them.  Like going to yoga, a class that I wake up before 7 am for.  There are very few times when I would choose to wake up before the ideal waking up hour, but I’ll make an exception for yoga.  Luckily, it’s a choice that is always worth it.

Last week, somewhere between the third downward dog and sivasana, I decided that I would try out Everyman Espresso before heading to work.  Work isn’t where I usually spend my Tuesday, but I knew I was going away for the weekend and would very much enjoy having a bit of chill out time before the day began.  It might mean that I had to run, or even (goodness forbid), thake my coffee to go, but I had a sense it would be worth it.

Spoiler Alert: I was right.

After yoga, I quickly changed into work clothes and tried to toss my hair into some semblance of acceptable neatness (an ever-challenging task that I am constantly losing at) before running up Lafayatte street.  There are two Everyman Espresso cafes in New York, one near union square and the other in Soho.  I went to the (original) union square location, which shared its space with the lobby of a theatre.

Eyeing the empty seats, I chose to order my cortado to have in.  I’d savor my five minute break from running work and read, sitting down.  While I love coffee, I’m always disappointed in myself if I have it in a rushed environment.  No matter how skilled the barista, it never tastes the same.

The actual cafe space is shockingly small, but don’t let that fool you.  There is good quality and serious coffee being made behind the bar.  There is even a small selection of pastries, different beans and some store merchandise (question: do people buy that stuff?).  I had a pleasant exchange with the two baristas behind the counter and sat down to wait for my cortado.  While there was never a huge line, there was a pleasant constant stream of people moving through the cafe, giving it the perfect New York summer morning atmosphere.

My cortado was great.  One of the best I’ve had.  It was a surprising middle ground of dense and light.  The roast didn’t taste as dark and heavy as cortados sometimes tend to taste, but it didn’t taste light and milky as others can.  I sipped from the glass letting the coffee coat my tongue and mellowly slide down my throat.  It was relaxing.  Actually, if a drink was a season, this would be fall.

It’s great to know about this small coffee shop.  Everyman Espresso has a completely central location, but far enough afield to feel like your own secret discovery.  I’m excited to try the soho location, maybe I’ll even try a pour over coffee.  It’s an exciting little cafe that feels oh so New York.

And I made it to work on time, without rushing.  When yoga and coffee combine (for me), their relaxation powers are surprisingly unstoppable.

Do you like to get coffee on your way to work?  To have in or to take away?

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