An Update

Things have been going quickly this summer.  I’ve been blissfully busy with my internship, the visa process and doing summer stuff.  You know, the reading billions of books, the going to yoga classes, walking around, eating ice cream and baking.  It’s been a joy.  I have twenty days left and I’m shocked.

I’m shocked to see summer come to a close, but, for once, I’m excited about fall.  Italy is strange and unknown.  There are new classes to attend, new places to go and new people to meet.  I’m also, however, extremely sad to be leaving home.  I always am, so that’s nothing new.

I got my visa yesterday, which was a huge relief after I spent more or less the entire summer freaking out about.  Overall, the process could have been worth.  I plan on writing more about that soon now that I am the proud owner of two visas.  Sure, they are student visas, probably the easiest kind to get, but I never thought that I would own two of them (I guess I don’t really own it.  My visas are the property of my respective countries, right?  And my passport, of America.  Still, it’s fun to know I am able to enter a country and live there for a bit).

I’ll be staying in a homestay in Pavia, living with a family and teaching the kids English.  I think my choice may have shocked some people, but learning about Italian family life sounds so exciting.  Right now, I have to think of a good present to bring the kids.  I’m thinking some books because, after all, I’m there to teach them English.  Any recommendations?

My tickets are booked and I am flying into Milan.  It’s crazy.  I’ve been wanting to go to Milan for so long and now I know that I will finally see it.  I hope to go to Venice at some point in the off season.  The idea makes me want to run around and do, maybe not cartwheels, but something at the outer capacities of my gymnastic abilities.

I’ve been to some great restaurants this summer.  The Spotted Pig, Motorino, Momofuku Noodle Bar, No 7 Sub, Candle 79, Bosie Tea Parlor, Frankie’s Spuntino, Dirt Candy … it feels like there are so many more.  I’ve had amazing coffee (Cafe Integral is one of my favorites of the season) and spectacular desserts (sprinkles! big gay ice cream shop! 16 handles! culture frozen yogurt! brooklyn ice cream company!).  There are still more things I want to do.  While it’s difficult to always have more on your list, that’s one of the reasons I love New York.  When I come back in December, there will be more places open and more things climbing up my must do list.

There are books I want to read and clothing I want to buy.  Things are moving forward, moving upward and I couldn’t be happier with that.

Have a spectacular labor day weekend!  I hope whatever you’re doing is beautiful and relaxing!


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