Organic Avenue May Be Overpriced, but I Love it

I have a confession.  I love Organic Avenue.  Yeah, the juice place that sells outrageously expensive cleanses.  No, I’m not going on a cleanse, but I will stop by for amazing kale salads and brilliant little smoothies.  Every time I walk into those stores, I feel a bit odd.  I’m not supposed to be there.  It’s for rich moms who live in Tribeca and have oodles of many to spend on pre-made juices.  But I keep going back.  Unapologetically.

I first went last week on my way to pick up my visa.  I needed a quick lunch.  If I had had the time, I would have stopped at Candle Cafe (it’s delightfully close to the Italian consulate).  As I rushed past the orange awning, I decided to pop in and get a little salad.  A kale salad.  It looked okay, but the measly plastic box didn’t give me much hope.  When I finally took a bite—after picking up my visa, shaking with hunger—I was in shock.  Had I not been chewing, my jaw would most certainly have dropped.  It looked so whatever, but tasted heavenly.

A little online sleuthing revealed that there were a billion other things I wanted to try there.  The smoothies!  The juice booster shots!  The granola!  Oh my gosh, it all looks so good.  And expensive.  I can’t wait to try as much as I possibly can (hello turmeric tonic!).

A couple days after my fateful kale salad experience, I found myself hungry and near an Organic Avenue.  It was a sign from the universe that I needed to try something there (right? right).  Besides, it was a holiday and on holidays you can always justify spending a bit more money than normal.  Just in case you didn’t know.

I went to their impossibly tiny store on Sullivan Street that still manages to have a window seat and a bench out front.  I stood there for a bit longer than I expect the shop girl would have liked and surveyed the smoothies.  Despite being made fresh, some looked a little worse for wear.  I chose a tiny Chocolate Love smoothie.  It was delicious.  How do they do that? I wrote down the ingredients.

Organic Avenue, I love you.  The smoothies, juices and salads are the kinds of things I always want to make at home, but inevitably have an ingredient or two missing.  Clean food in ideal portions, possibly my new favorite grab and go lunch place in the city.  I’ll be working on sampling their offerings and trying to knock off everything in my own kitchen.

That being said, does anybody know why I just drank irish moss?

Do you have a favorite restaurant/store that you love despite the price/image/some other factor?

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