September Loves

Can anyone believe that the first week of September is already over?  If it keeps going by this quickly, well, then I’ve probably already missed my train to Pavia.  Here are some of the things that have kept me going during the dawn of fall.

smoothies.  specifically this one and this one

new books

my blue blazer

weather that makes me feel like I’m in England

yoga.  but what else is new?

a little fun fiction writing

wearing flip flops.  yes, after labor day.

ditto with my jack rogers sandals

you know what, wearing white after the autumnal equinox is the new white after labor day.

my italy guidebook finally arrived!

so did The Fire Starter Sessions

still working my way through September’s Vogue and Elle

watching new-to-me old episodes of Felicity

fall-y nail polish

finally getting a Taim falafel during this trip home (without israeli salad, thanks much!)

my brunch plans for this weekend

12 days until take off!

What’s making you burst into smiles and jump up and down recently?


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