Maison Kayser’s Croissant

I love the fact that checking up on food news every morning is part of my internship.  I get to look at google news!  Sometimes I head to Eater, Grubstreet and Huffington Post: Food when I can’t find anything on google!  It’s amazing to be able to do something that, hey, I’m going to be doing anyway and get rewarded (I hope) for it.  I have to pinch myself constantly to remind myself how intensely lucky I am to have this internship this summer.

While looking for hard hitting coffee news, I found out that famed Parisian bakery, Maison Kayser, was planning on opening several locations in New York.  The first thing I did was email my mother and tell her that we must get a croissant there this summer.  Lucky for me, there opening process didn’t seem quite as daunting as Laduree, who promised us a location in New York for at least a year before we saw any signs of life.  I was overjoyed when Eater proclaimed Maison Kayser’s location between 74th and 75th on 3rd Avenue certified open.  And I knew exactly when I would be going there, the day of my visa appointment.

Since nothing clams the nerves quite like a good croissant and bad google maps directions, I went to Maison Kayser an hour before my visa appointment.  I gazed at the arrangement of breads and pastries and spent a moment ogling the cafe area.  I would have sat down if I wasn’t worried about being late after having read stories that described their service as lacking.  I got my croissant to go, pointing to the exact one I wanted, much to the chagrin of the guy who helped me.  When they placed the little wax paper bag in my hands, I gripped it excitedly and ran as fast as I could to the park to sit down and eat my pastry.

Now, I’d been waiting for this for a while.  I expected it to be one of the best things I’d ever eaten.  While I loved it, I’m not sure if it was truly my favorite croissant.  It tasted like a dried version of ceci-cela’s famed butter behemoth, but in a good way.  The butter taste was pure and creamy, the layers were smooth and flaky.  My problem?  Where was my delightfuly crackly crust?

Honestly, if I had eaten this in a proper setting sitting down I expect that I would be telling you that it is the best croissant in New York.  Right now, however, it’s one of the best.  I prefer it to Ceci-Cela, but not quite as much as Dominque Ansel or Almondine.  The outer shell is one of my favorite parts of a croissant and without that there, I’m just not prepared to call it my favorite.

As Maison Kayser opens more locations around New York and I have the good fortune to encounter this croissant more and more, I expect that I will develop very fond feelings for this extremely French pastry.

UPDATED: I went back the next day and I can report that the pain au chocolat is okay, but it gets a bit stale by the afternoon.  The coffee is completely forgettable.  The baguette?  One of the best I’ve ever eaten in New York.

Do you prefer to eat alfresco or inside?
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