Crosby Coffee or a trip to the faux-Hamptons Hipster Cafe

Please don’t ask me why it’s called Crosby Coffee.  I have no idea, none.  It’s certainly not on Crosby street.  It’s tucked away in Prospect Heights, a haven of low(er) rents for hipsters who want the calm of Brooklyn, but aren’t willing to pay for a co-op in Fort Greene, a studio in Williamsburg and aren’t quite at the Park Slope stage of life.

I went to Crosby Coffee one Saturday when rain threatened the sky.  It was hot, sticky, humid.  All I wanted was a little relief and if that meant hot coffee, it was fine by me.  I walked through neighborhoods that I could never live in and, frankly, would never want to.  Still, seeing the ugly bits for a brief moment on my way to get coffee helps me understand that life isn’t always trees and streaming sunlight.  I don’t have to interact with these neighborhoods, but I am aware of their existence. They’re an adventure for me and help me grow into my world.  As much as I freak out while walking past a garage with people talking out front and run down retro cars parked on the pavement, I like adventuring.

Crosby Coffee is white inside.  It’s the kind of place that people describe as Hampton and Montauk-esque.  If you don’t like white, bright and airy for your coffee shop, this might not be your place.  I would understand.  Some people enjoy cozying up with a hot drink and sheltering themselves in a world full of books and scarves and sweaters.  While I enjoy that sometimes, the bright, white and airy vibe is where I feel most at home.  Sitting down with a cortado in a cafe that could be a beach shack is my little heaven.  At least, it was that day that turned your skin into the sticky end of a super strength post it note.

All the coffee at Crosby Coffee is served in little mason jars, depending on the drink you choose.  My cortado was served in a tall, skinny jar and just missed the edge of the glass.  The iced coffee was served in a big mug with a handle on it (I would go back just for that!).  The cappuccino was served in a short, shallow circular jar that couldn’t be described as anything but cute if not impractical.  Sure, it’s super hipster, but it fits in with the chilled-out and laid-back atmosphere of the place.  I loved it.  Crosby coffee is where summer vacation extends.

Unfortunately, my drink left a bit to be desired.  It was a bit too hot (the woman before me complained her cappuccino was too cold.  besides the fact that cappuccini should be drunk around room temperature, I’ll withhold any statements about her behavior) and the milk was a bit over frothed.  It wasn’t quite as coherent and creamy as my dream coffee would be.  The beans are Caffe Vita, a roaster from Seattle that has a tiny slice of a cafe on the Lower East Side.  If you feel like checking out their coffee, I’d recommend Crosby Coffee instead of Caffe Vita.  It’s cheaper and an overall more enjoyable experience.  The beans are rich and bold and coat the tongue in a way that will make you think of fall.

So, I may not be going back for the cortado, but I’d try the cappuccino and I’d love some iced coffee.  The atmosphere of Crosby Coffee more than makes up for the drinks that leave a bit to be desired.  The pastries look fantastic as well.

Do you prefer cozy cafes or light and airy ones?


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