Cafe Grumpy: Really Good Coffee (as long as you don’t go to Park Slope)

The first time I went to Cafe Grumpy, I thought I didn’t like it.  Turns out the one in my neighborhood was simply the dud of their mini-chain because I really do love the coffee served up by the angry smiley face.  After visiting their location in Chelsea and on the Lower East Side, I’ve realized that they do serve truly amazing and unique coffee.  The one in my neighborhood simply seems to cater to those used to the mini-van drinks of the ‘bucks.

The location in Chelsea is gorgeous.  From the outside, you feel as if you are walking into a garden, overgrown with verdant hanging plants and benches outside.  Inside, there is ample seating space making it the largest Grumpy I’ve been to (I haven’t been to the one in Greenpoint).  Order your coffee, the cappuccino is truly top-notch and sit down with your bright orange cup.  Get ready to settle in and relax.  It’s a calm little oasis near midtown.

The location on the Lower East Side nearly meets Chinatown and is quite the adventure to get to.  By the time you arrive, however, you’ll be glad you made the trek.  It’s barely a cafe and more of a coffee counter, though they do manage to smush enough seats in the thimble-sized cafe so about five people can sit and drink coffee inside (four if they’re thin) and two or three more on a bench outside.  You won’t mind being squidged against the water cooler for this coffee.

It’s light but dark and comes through beautifully in the cappuccino.  It’s dense and coats the tongue without feeling drying and thick.  There’s something so calming about this coffee.  Even though the cappuccino is delightfully small, it’s easy to take your time lingering over it.  Because you want to.  If you’re in Chelsea, because you want to enjoy your table and the space.

Sorry about the previous meh review, Cafe Grumpy.  That location is a dud, I’ve got to say.  The other ones, however, are fantastic and truly some of the best coffee in New York.  I’ll be back to try your beans and your freshly baked pastries that always look fantastic.

Do you enjoy eating with your coffee or do you prefer to drink it alone?

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