Juicing: A Beginner’s Guide

I got my mother a juicer for Christmas after she mentioned in passing how much she wanted to start juicing.  On a whim, I figured out the best one to get and had my dad to order it off Amazon.  It’s not a crazy expensive model, it’s just the Breville foutain juicer, but it does a good job.  I think I might be more thrilled with this purchase than my mother is.

I love juicing.  Who knew.  I realized I was a tiny bit obsessed with juicing when I was walking through Marks and Spencer’s food hall and thought to myself, ‘where’s the green juice.’  Total hipster/New Yorker/hippie moment.  To my surprise, I was completely okay with it.  Don’t worry, I quickly found somewhere that made juice to order in Bristol and routinely ordered a large glass whenever I walked by.  Lucky for me, it wasn’t one of those ten-dollars-a-bottle jobs like you find in New York.

While I could talk about how healthy juicing is for you, I’m really not sure about the specifics and I’m not going to attempt to tell you why juicing will save your life.  Other people can do that and make a much more convincing argument.  Frankly, the reason you should juice is the same reason you should eat a big slice of cake on your birthday, complete with a disgusting amount of frosting: because it tastes good.  Unlike the world’s largest slice of cake, it will make you feel fantastic as well.

I use this juicer and for my juicing-light purposes it works very well.  Since you’re reading this and not a blog all about health (though, if you’re looking for one, I love this website), I’m guessing that the juicing-light juicer will work just fine for you.  It won’t squeeze every last drop out of your vegetables, but it does a pretty fine job and is easy to clean to boot.

There are billions of recipes, enough out there that there are plenty to suit your taste.  The basic guide?  Choose vegetables!  The green ones taste good!  Other than that, have fun.

Juice has become one of my favorite snacks.  There’s nothing quite like a lightly sweet, refreshing and deep green (or other colored) juice to accompany an afternoon break.  I’ve included my favorite recipe below and here’s a link to some other fantastic ones.

Emilia’s Awesome Juice Recipe that will get you addicted to vegetable juice:

3 big carrots
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
bunch parsley
1 apple
Bit freaked out by the greenish color?  Try this recipe for a gorgeous juice that tastes a bit like watermelon!  Only better.
2 red beets
1/2 cup – 1 cup blueberries
1 large cucumber

Do you like vegetable juice?  Do you own a juicer?  If so, what’s your favorite juice recipe?


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