Happy List: For Italy, Autumn and Understanding

Things have been crazy over here for the past couple weeks.  Only in the past few days have my days begun to adopt a sense of routine.  Though things are slowing down, they still retain a touch of insanity.  I’ve been spending free moments discovering Pavia, though I still get lost in the winding streets.  I’m trying to enjoy this period of utter uncertainty and confusion as much as I can.  Even though last week I was positively bemoaning the fact that I had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON with my life, university, friends, everything, now I’m looking back at the confusion and excitement with misty eyes.

There are many upsides to my shifting situation.  I’m determined to see and appreciate them.  Here’s my list of the good things in my life right now.  And I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m obnoxious bemoaning the lack of sunflower seed butter at the grocery store when I have Italian food at my beck and call.  I understand how it can seem from the outside.  Or rather, I’m trying to.  Here is a simple list of all the really fantastic, smile inducing, giggle making and love creating things that have been making my life sparkle recently.

The Mukka Express Bialetti Moka

it’s fall: this song

gorgeous trees shifting colors

pretty bikes everywhere

finally starting to feel like I UNDERSTAND a bit

writing a blog for my university

upcoming trips for fun

and for business 😉

foreign magazines

my Gimme! coffee stash

reading an Italian book…and liking it

reading an awesome book in english

nypl ebooks work in Italy

amazing meals

laughingly dull meals

kale! kale! kale!

skype sessions with my mother

the promise of an idyllic fall

looking at photos like this and this on pinterest

my pink yoga mat

doing some Tara Stiles yoga videos (I miss Strala!)

thinking about the hotel I’ll stay in before my flight home

meeting someone who I met a few years ago on the street in Pavia

and talking to them! (huge for me)

finally starting to get the hang of the Italian bar

What has been making you insanely, giddily and joyously happy recently?  I know there’s something!


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