A Happy Birthday Happy List

Today is my mom’s birthday and even though I can’t be in New York to bake her a cake, give her a kiss and take her out to coffee, I thought I’d give her something else.  Here’s a little happy list for my mother; things about her, things about us and other things that make me laugh or cry in the best way possible.

Songs sung at bedtime when I was a kid

letters that I can’t read

still letting me ring the buzzer (even though I’m twenty and capable of opening the door myself)

coffee wherever I’d like to go


a poached egg over kale salad on ezekial bread

croissants at almondine

skype skype skype

early morning wake up calls

cereal and yogurt for breakfast

the best table at Dirt Candy

letting me cry on your shirt and probably ruin it


i’m still shorter than you

more hugs

jardin apres la mousson

lipstick at sephora (for you not me)

expensive conditioner (for me not you)

still letting me eat sugary cereal and speculoos when I’m sick (even though I’m twenty and should probably just eat something healthy)

grocery shopping

we can’t drive

this song

and oh wait this one too

the birthday cake I made in September that’s in the freezer right now



not eating bananas because I can’t stand them

juicing together (beets! ginger!)

loving me always

listening to me cry some more

and some more

did I mention some more?

and never telling to me stop

fro-yo from that place that is closing and 16 handles

sprinkles (the candy, not store)

sending me packages

handwritten letters for teachers on the nicest stationary

the same shoes

hating the heat and the sun and getting angry

but I still love you.

Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!

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