On Ceramic Coffee Cups and New York Cafes

I love me a New York coffee cup.  Not the blue and white paper cups from Greek diners, but the heavy brown (or black) ones that you find at the New York cafes serving the best coffee.  The ones you’re getting at Stumptown and Ninth Street Espresso and Cafe Grumpy.  Maybe it’s the weight, maybe it’s the color or maybe it really is just the coffee inside, but those cups remind me to experience the coffee experience.

Italian coffe cups are thin, fragile objects that seem like something you might find in the cupboards of a Cape May vacation rental.  They’re mismatched and have a logo.  You may have gotten one as a souvenir when you went on a tour of Rosecliff in Newport.  They don’t speak to a sacred routine.  At least, they don’t to me.

During the past couple weeks I’ve been drinking out of small, thin coffee cups in the house in Italy.  They’re nice enough, but they don’t satisfy my fantasy of cafe, they don’t make me feel as if this is it.  As if this is my time of day to drink coffee.

I need to fix this.  I want my own cup and my own slice of the New York cafe here in this kitchen in Pavia.  The search won’t be easy, I’m well aware.  Finding the appropriate mug will take searching, but my coffee experience really is worth it to me.  Those antique French country mugs are too theme-y and the so-called bone chine ones feel like they belong in a tea set.  I’m not thrilled with the idea of a patterned mug, but I’ll take a white one with a decent weight.

Sure, I’m a fan of my Starbucks holiday mugs, but my eyes are set on the mug that will bring the important cafe experience to me.

What do you think?

Do you have a strong relationship with the mugs you use for coffee and tea?  Do you have a favorite mug?


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