An Authentic Happy List

You know what really rocks?  Waking up, living life and interacting with people when feeling like yourself.  Sounds easy, right?  After all, how could you be anything but yourself?  Aren’t I myself by the very fact that I am living, awake, reading this right now?  Yes and no.  I’ve learnt more and more that living in your authentic self isn’t always as easy as it seems, but is always, always, worth it.  Here is a little list of things that make up part of my authentic truth.  You may relate with one, all or none of them.  That’s perfect  We just all need to take a little bit more time to reflect on what makes us unique, what makes us happy and what makes us feel like we are in the right place.

heavy coffee cups


sunny days

long, long walks (in cities)

city life


yoga, preferrably like this

reading books like this (or this)

writing letters to people

baking bread

eating whole grains over white bread


moving around constantly

large windows

when the plane finally lands

drinking water


mint tea

rainbow flip flops

large sweaters

sperry top siders

nice pens

 my huge filofax

sitting and thinking

talking with my mom


plaid scarves

souvenir scarves from Paris

oatmeal for breakfast during the week

sunday pancake day (dad, you will always, always, flip pancakes better than me, but I like my imperfect ones)

buying my own duvet

Your turn!  Name something unique about yourself, something that you love about yourself or just share something that helps you feel like yourself.  You can write an essay, I won’t mind!


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