Photo Challenge: In My Bag

I love sneak peeks into people’s bags.  Whether it’s as part of a magazine feature, a blog post or just seeing a friend rifling through their bag, looking in someone else’s bag is like getting a peek into their life.  There’s an idea that how you treat a bag says something about how you treat a man and that may be true, but it also says a lot about how you treat yourself and your outlook on the world.

During the week I carry a Longchamp Le Pliage large tote with long handles (total mistake, they make me look like a midget or like a little kid playing with her mom’s bag) in lavender.  I don’t think they still make the color — I got it three years ago now at the beginning of my senior year of high school.  It’s gotten a little dirty, the lining has begun to rip a bit and the corners are breaking, but every time that I think about getting a new one (which is at least once a month), something stops me.  This bag has been with me through so much.  It’s carried my SAT books, my AP exam prep books, my first year Italian text book up the crazy steep black boy hill, my random collection of second year books and my laptop to work at The Daily Meal three days a week this past summer.  We’ve been through a lot and now we’re navigating Italy together.

Here’s what’s inside, in clockwise order from the top left corner all the way down and around:

Cath Kidston umbrella: I got this in my first year at university and have somehow managed to keep hold of it for the past two years.  Astonishingly, it hasn’t broken and hasn’t been lost.  It goes with none of my outfits and I’m kind of sick of it, but I can’t ever be bothered to spend the money on a new umbrella, so I continue to use this one.

Little cosmetic case: It has a chocolate bar pattern, a tous bear keychain and a juicy couture frappuccino charm on the zipper.  Inside there’s a lancome lipstick, lancome juicy tube, cherry lip balm, soft rose labello and a small mirror.  I cannot be anywhere without my trusty lip balm.  I will go insane.

Rayban wayfarer sunglasses: classic tortiseshell.  Always in my bag, I wear sunglasses year round because I cannot take the sun.  I literally walk down the street with my head down bumping into people and get home with a headache if I don’t have sunglasses on.

Marc Jacobs wallet: I got this for my birthday and it’s changed my life.  Gorgeous wallet, so soft and pretty!

ipod touch: I got this free when I got my macbook pro the summer before I started university with the student discount.  I kept on saying that it was pointless, I didn’t have any use for an ipod touch. We’re pretty much attached at the hip now, I can’t go anywhere without it.

phone: I love this phone.  It’s a samsung knock off of the blackberry and works way better than my previous iphone knock off.  Being able to text message without a litany of typos that cause the recipient to think I’m drunk is really life changing .

Cath Kidstone “pencil” case: There’s a pen with four colors inside (hot pink, bright blue, purple and neon green) and a freebie bank pen that the university gave me during the Erasmus welcome day.  There’s also a pound coin that I used to use for the gym lockers in Bristol and haven’t bothered to take out.

A bobby pin

My keys to my house in Italy

Large Italian notebook: I’m on my fourth weeks of classes and already filled this up halfway.  Insane! It’s bigger than American notebooks and, fortunately, has ruled paper instead of graph paper.  Love the color, it goes well with my outfits.

And that’s what’s in my bag and a little peek into how I organize my life during the week.  My main question, why isn’t my kindle in my bag?  I usually carry it around with me, but obviously not on the day that I took this photo.  Interesting.

Do you enjoy looking in people’s bags?  What’s one thing that’s in your bag right now?


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: In My Bag

    1. Emilia Post author

      Nice! I love it when I randomly find a little candy in my bag, lovely little surprise and much more fun than gum. 🙂


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