A Happy List, Just Because

Seriously guys, I know I’m in Italy right now.  I know that everyday should be filled with red vespas, never ending plates of pasta and sun, but it’s not.  I don’t want it to be.  During the past couple weeks, as New York got ravaged by a little something called Hurricane Sandy (can we please reschedule Halloween for all those kids?) I’ve been feeling detached.  I want to go home, run around and buy the most expensive drinks on the menus at all my favorite cafes (thinking about Cafe Integral, Ninth Street Espresso, Prima, Bowery Coffee, Gimme Coffee and Everyman Espresso above all…okay still a lot).  While my mind has been somewhere else, time has still been here marching on.  That’s good it’s closer to Christmas.  Here are some of the things that are making me smile as I wait for my flight home (cross your fingers).

trip to Venice during the off season (dream come true!)

an unused can of pumpkin in my cabinet

trees turning pretty colors

tandem language evenings

more italian magazines

the smell of cinnamon

making my own peanut butter, or figuring out an alternative

the few moments i get to skype with my mom

good books like this

planning Christmas morning breakfast (I’m thinking this)

and Christmas Eve dinner (perhaps this?)

reading beautiful blog posts

big, cuddly sweaters

my favorite winter scarves

oatmeal for breakfast during the week

moka coffee

writing, everything


thinking about my dad’s birthday gift

planning christmas baking

getting started on christmas baking

Christmas Carols!

the best thanksgiving ever

trying to find time to skype with friends

writing letters


this song

oh, this too!

trying to cultivate gratitude before I go to sleep

dipping white bread in coffee

stewed prunes

fun hummus

rediscovering my love of tumblrs that capture my imagination (like this one!)

the fact that the weather is slowly, but surely changing

What’s been making you incredibly, unbelievably happy recently?  Come on, if I can make a list, you can think of something!


2 thoughts on “A Happy List, Just Because

  1. sally @ sallys baking addiction

    the effects of sandy have been devastating – esp for NY, that is for sure. I’ve visited Venice twice – LOVE it there so much. I love this list of happy things! Christmas carols, scarves, and big, cuddly sweaters make my list too!!! 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      That’s awesome you love Venice! I feel like whenever I talk about the city people are always putting it down as a tourist trap, but the city is breathtaking. Hope you have a happy day with carols, scarves and sweaters 😉


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