A Thanksgiving Letter and Happy List

The first Thanksgiving I ever truly enjoyed was Thanksgiving 2010 also known as the first Thanksgiving I spent abroad.  My first class of the day was cancelled and I stayed in bed, piecing together youtube videos of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I ended up watching a nearly full-length version of the festivities.  For lunch, I met up with some friends and ate “hamburgers” (I ate a chicken burger), chips and oreo milkshakes.  That evening, a package from my parents arrived complete with thanksgiving themed chocolate from Jacques Torres and the paper Thanksgiving bird that we got when I was a kid to decorate the house.  It was the first time that I realized that this holiday was kinda sorta crazy fun.

Last year, I stayed up until one am, writing an essay about Primo Levi and drinking frightening amounts of hot cocoa, just like my dad used to make.  Actually, I believe there were a few white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies thrown in there and, knowing me, I probably used the day as an excuse to eat a few sweet potatoes.

So much has happened over the past year that I am so unbelieveably thankful for.  There’s no way I could express it all in a single post and I’m sure most people would be incredibly bored to hear about half the things on my list (really, Emilia?  You’re thankful for the frightening macarons you found in Bristol and every postcard you received from you dad?  We get it, the list goes on…).  But, I’m me.  Here’s a little list of the things that I’m thankful for.  Who knows, you might be thankful for a few of them as well.

skype and international sim cards

hi mom and dad!

fantastic books (I’ve read nearly 52 this year!)

my filofax, which contains my life pretty much

this little blog

a pretty wonderful internship that’s led to brilliant possibilities already

getting to taste New York’s amazing coffee culture

understanding about 90% of what goes on in class

making friends in Italy

my friends in America

my friends in England

sunny skies

peaceful early mornings

watching the thanksgiving day parade on youtube

my trip to Venice tomorrow!

planning for my trip home already

My parent’s enthusiasm for all things Christmas

and willingness to always get a tree that is taller than I am

a wonderful place to stay while I’m in Italy

the wonderful house of horrors I lived in last year

the new experiences I’m able to have living abroad everyday (even if I want to cry when things get too tough)

three trips to London in the past year

It’s finally, appropriately the holiday season!

Your turn!  What’s something you’re thankful for this year?


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