A Happy List for my Dad’s Birthday


Last year, I baked my dad a gingerbread cake that happened to become one of my favorite desserts ever.  It’s dense with the perfect balance of gingerbready spices.  I highly recommend that you go and make it right now.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to serve him a slice on the day, but when I was home for the holidays, I made the cake again and served him a large slice.  I’d say it was a fair hit.

This year things are a bit more frazzled and I’m not cranking on the oven to bust out a cake or standing over a pot of bubbling sugar to bust out some caramels.  Instead, Dad, here’s a happy list to celebrate you.  I hope you have an amazing day with, perhaps, a cortado or cappuccino at Stumptown.  Then again, it’s your birthday, why not treat yourself to a single origin pour over?  You deserve it.

the voices you made when you read the berenstein bears

sharing coffee

driving me places

like to the airport

always being ready to talk to me

playing the sims

those crazy names you made up

charlie brown’s christmas

please don’t watch House!

it’s all a self portrait

is there any color in there?

pizza, pizza, pizza

or do you want a mediterranean platter?

I’m sorry some peanut butter

no wait pancakes?

blueberries?  maple syrup?

furrowing your brow when reading anything

homemade postcards

that are sent at a perfectly alarming rate

oh wait, i forgot, isn’t self-serve fro yo your favorite? 😉



decorating the Christmas tree with me every year

weird music

and music that we both like

making silly faces from behind the towel

barbie dolls

and beatles’ voices

I love you Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!


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