The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List: A Better Christmas Cookie Tin


I love gifting.  I love the act of giving just as much as I love receiving beautifully thought out presents (read: are earrings for someone who doesn’t have pierced ears really a gift?).  I love the process and the anticipation.  I love how much trouble it all is but how the pay off is (almost) always worth the pain.  Of course, there are always those picky people who don’t seem to be satisfied with anything.  Or, perhaps even worse, those people who you should know what they’d like because you’re related or something, and have no clue what to get them.  Thankfully, in the the past couple of years I’ve figure out some good gifts to please even the pickest people on Santa’s list.

It’s the good old cookie tin.  Don’t worry I’m not going to suggest that you go to the store for some baking mixes, cut-n-bake Pillsbury sugar cookies or marshmallows.  We’re not going to be dunking oreos in chocolate or making the world’s so-called easiest fudge.  You may want to brave the baking aisle to pick up some Christmas sprinkles and candy canes, though, if that’s your thing.  It’s certainly mine.

Christmas cookies seem almost cliche after all these years, but I think it’s time to breathe new life into them.  We need to stretch beyond dull sugar cookies that are poorly decorated or have no flavor and weird rum balls made just because ‘it’s tradition.’  Gingerbread is always welcome, but please make sure that it’s a likeable version.  Here are some recipes that I’ve either seen recently or have previously made for Christmas cookie tins.  There are some that suit the tastes of family and friends.  There are others   that I really just want to make so I can try them.  So what are you waiting for?  Crank up the carols, crack open the oven and let’s get baking!

and a quick note!  I always include four treats in my tins: gingerbread, peppermint bark and then two variables.  I think it’s nice to include a more vanilla-flavored cookie as well as either a candy or savory item!


Everyone loves candy, but getting yet another bag of the same dull, lifeless truffles gets boring.  Instead of going the traditional route, try these recipes that take the classics but give them a delightfully fresh spin!

Peppermint Bark from Orangette I made this recipe last year so many times for so many people I nearly had the recipe memorized!  It’s a delightful update on the traditional bark and will most certainly have everyone, even those who think they don’t like peppermint bark, reaching for another piece!

Raw Pecan Truffles from Purely Twins Raw truffles may not be anything new, but they are definitely new to the Christmas cookie tin!  These are shockingly good, come together in a flash and are even kind of healthy.  Everyone will be asking you for the recipe.


Old Fashioned Gingerbread from Eat, Live, Run People seem to either love or hate gingerbread, but this is one recipe that will make even those who are less than enamored with this Christmas classic thrilled to receive a little gingebread man in their gift.  The texture is perfect and it couldn’t be easier to make!

Candy Cane Biscotti from Annie’s Eats Biscotti are brilliant for gifting because they keep so well!  Not to mention, these gingerbread ones are extra festive.  If you don’t want to give these in a cookie tin, you can also package them alongside some homemade hot chocolate mix or good coffee!


Nut Clusters from Edible Perspective Okay, so these may not be properly savory, but they can be depending on what spices you choose to add!  Perfect for people who want something a touch healthier than chocolate, but still indulgent for the holiday season.  Compulsively eatable and shockingly easy.

Cheddar Cheese Crackers from Life and Kitchen These are amazing straight out of the oven and they only get better with time.  Incredibly indulgent and flavorful, they’re perfect for the holiday season.  Try them with different types of cheese for sophisticated flavors!

Do you like to bake for the holidays?  What are you planning on gifting this year?  What would you make from this list?

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List: A Better Christmas Cookie Tin

  1. Luv What You Do

    I love giving tins of goodies for the holidays. My freezer is stocked with them and I am working on getting all my cookies up on the blog. So fun to read what everyone else is making too!

    1. Emilia Post author

      I just checked out your blog and saw some amazing recipes, I think I might have to change my to-make list a bit! I agree, it definitely is fun to read about what other people are making. I hope everyone likes your cookie tins 🙂

  2. Sally

    I adore giving away treat tins – 4 recipes in each – I’ve never put a variety in them for anyone, but maybe I should mix and match! Love all the links – so much inspiration 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      Love calling them treat tins, great name! Hope you have a great time making them for everyone on your list this year, whether or not you include a variety 🙂


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