Almondine Bakery — and a cry for help


Normally, the first day after I arrive home, my mother and I head out to enjoy a croissant at Almondine Bakery.  Almondine is a space that holds many memories for me.  They were the space that introduced me to proper good croissants and even eased me into the world of coffee.  My staunch opinions on how breakfast should be enjoyed come from those breakfasts that I’ve shared with my mother.  We started going there during my last semester of high school and have continued going there together whenever I’m home ever since.

My mother freely admits that she doesn’t go there when I’m not home.  We don’t really live near the bakery, there’s no reason we would have known.  The central location of Almondine was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy and both locations are closed until it’s in a functional state.  Of course, that could mean anything.  As we know, the time, the money and the bureaucracy connected with these things are often ridiculous.

And yet, there are a fantastic group of vocal people who want to get Almondine back.  The bakery has one of the best baguettes in addition to one of the best croissants in New York.  They helped usher in a neighborhood feel to DUMBO that was largely missing before (no matter how much I may love Brooklyn Ice Cream company and Jacques Torres, they aren’t exactly comfy cozy neighborhood spots).  Almondine has amassed a huge following and it’s only right that the bakery is able to come back stronger than before, sharing love and pastries with as many people as possible.

No croissant or cornetto post today, instead enjoy your breakfast, enjoy your company and be thankful that you get to experience it, even if only for a brief moment.  Happy Holidays!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

And here’s some information about the efforts to help Almondine come back!


2 thoughts on “Almondine Bakery — and a cry for help

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