A Happy List for Christmas Eve


It’s Christmas Eve!  It’s Christmas Eve!  Ever since I was a little girl, Christmas eve has meant the start of the holiday gift giving (and, ahem, receiving) season.  We would drive nearly two hours each way to my uncle’s house and I would sit silently on the couch while the mayhem ensued around me.  Although I haven’t done that since I was about eleven, Christmas Eve still makes me think of sitting in the back of my parent’s station wagon looking for Rudolph as we crossed the Garden State Parkways.  Today I’ll be going out to lunch with my parents and grandmother, watching some Christmas movies and tucking myself into bed early so Santa knows to stop by.  Here are some of the things that are making me happy today, some little things that I’m truly thankful for this holiday season.

i’ve been home for a week!

my flight actually arrived at jfk the same day we took off!

a ridiculously tall tree

christmas episodes of sabrina the teenage witch

seeing old friends

and staying in touch with new ones

trying new cafes

american coffee

giant macchiatos

making chemex coffee for my parents

english-language magazines

english-language books

walking outside without my toes freezing together

hot chocolate


sweet potatoes!

sunflower seed butter!

my kitchen aid mixer

wrapping christmas presents with my parents

this little book my mom got me for our advent game

reading on the subway

52 books in a year!

thanks to the NYPL’s e books

cozy sweaters and heating and hot showers

eggnog shower gel

listening to Christmas music pretty much 24/7

Love, Actually

beautiful wrapping paper

finally having the skills to wrap socks

What are you happy for this holiday season?


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