Highlights from 2012

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I wasn’t going to post this.  I don’t, as a general rule, post on Sunday. I want a day of rest to pretend like I’m being more productive during the week.  You want a day when your google reader isn’t bombarded with yet another mini-essay you don’t have the time to read.  Luckily, we can make exceptions for holiday weekends.  2012 was a fantastic year and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reflect a little bit on all the crazy stuff I’ve done this year.  Don’t worry, you’ll get a resolution-y post tomorrow, but for now, here are some big moments that I want to relive from the year!

Best Cup of Coffee:  My mother asked me this one and I debated for a very, very long time before I remembered Flat White.  The best part?  I drank my favorite coffee from the year on my birthday.  The runner up was a coffee I cupped at the Handsome Roasters tasting I went to at Joe Pro Shop in August for The Daily Meal.

Best Brunch: Public.  I’m still dreaming about those Turkish eggs and quinoa/sweet potato hash brown.  Fantastic food, fantastic atmosphere.

Best Meal: Dirt Candy.  My mother and I managed to snag an early reservation (and the best table) at the East Village restaurant this summer and have been talking about our meal ever since.  We had the mushroom appetizer (I love mushrooms) and split the cauliflower and chard entrees.  I seriously still have dreams about the cauliflower.

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 8.49.49 PMFavorite Baked Good: I’m pretty sure I don’t remember my absolute favorite (it had to have been a cookie, right?)  but I’m going to say the birthday cake I made myself from the Momofuku cookbook.  Chocolate chip, raspberry, coffee, it was a winner.

Favorite Trip: I have argued with myself about this quite a bit, but my trip to London in June to hear Gabrielle Bernstein speak was really a stand out.  Yes, it wasn’t the Salone del Gusto or Venice in the off season.  No, it wasn’t a new city, but it was the first trip I really made on my own.  I’ll always remember being in the hostel, the rain and seeing the sun on my final day there.  It was great!

Best (new) croissant: Dominque Ansel.  I tried it for the first time over Spring Break in NYC and fell in love.  It’s currently the best croissant in NYC.  It won’t be for long (aka, I have faith that Almondine will bounce back from Sandy).

Best Cafe:  I must really like Ground Support, because I’ve kept going back there over my different trips home.  It’s huge, centrally located on West Broadway, makes a mean cappuccino and has fantastic seating.  If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth a stop by before the year is out!

Best Bristol Coffee:  I fell deeply in love with the El Bosque coffee from Two Day Roasters in Bristol.  Seriously, it’s a coffee that I’ve been seriously missing.  Deep, dense and chocolatey it’s a must have if you ever find yourself in Bristol.

Best Book:  Oh gosh, I really have to decide?  I think it’s a tie between Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down by Rosencrans Baldwin and At Home by Bill Bryson.  I’ve constantly referred to these two books over the past six months and two weeks.  If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend putting them on the top of your must read list for next year!

Best Movie:  I had a flight without little televisions and two flights during which the entertainment system broke down.  I haven’t seen many movies this year.  I guess it was Young Adult, but I forgot I saw it until I was writing this, so you can take it or leave it.

There are so many more highlights that I want to mention that aren’t here. There was the 10K that I ran and, somehow, managed to finish.  There was going to Italy and navigating the permesso maze, not to mention getting my visa.  I read 52 new books this year guys!  I can’t believe it.  Last year I mentioned I wanted to try and read 52 books to my mother over a croissant, but I didn’t really believe I could do it.  Well, I did.  I also sampled over sixty New York cafes, baked more desserts than one person probably should and had an amazing internship.  I got plenty of articles published in Epigram (including one about this blog!), managed to survive living in a house of horrors and practiced yoga nearly every day.  With such an amazing year all I can say is, happy new year.

What was a highlight from your year?  Anything you’re particularly proud of?

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