Scenes from the Beginning of 2013


Happy 2013 everybody!

I hope you all had a brilliant New Years eve and a first day to this New Year.  I’ve been chilling out, reading and getting a head start on some resolutions.  It’s been fun and relaxing.  Unfortunately, I have to start packing this weekend because I’m heading back to Italy next week.  I have to say, this is making me quite sad right now.  I know, I know, I’m the only person who’s sad about going to Italy.  Except, I wish I had more time to play around in NYC with my friends and family.  I wish I had more time to play with all my Christmas presents.  Not to mention, I have an exam when I get back.  Ew.

I’m not complaining (much), though.  My January is shaping up to look top notch with trips planned, friends to see and articles to write.  It’s going to be a busy month, but I’m eager to find a bit more structure to my days after the random mish-mosh that the holidays bring.  As much as I love staying in my pajamas on Christmas morning, I may love getting up early to practice yoga before a day filled with passionate work even more.  Strange?  Perhaps, but it’s my authentic truth.


On the first morning of this glorious New Year (it’s called positive thinking), I woke up early and grabbed my camera to document my little slice of the world on the first cloudy morning of 2013.  While most twenty-years olds (and, to be honest, everyone else) would prefer to sleep in after staying up late, I opened my eyes early, eager to get started on not just a new day but a new year.  It was a good choice.

There wasn’t much to see but don’t worry; the local bagel shop and Starbucks were open.  It’s a relief to know that some places are reliable, isn’t it?

My day then proceeded in a perfectly relaxingly productive fashion.  There was also some grocery shopping, free espresso drinking and magazine reading involved.  I managed to back up my computer, now all I have to do is clean it.  I made the saffron-vanilla cookies from The Blue Bottle Book and the vegan crab cakes from Crazy, Sexy Kitchen.  See Santa?  I really do appreciate my Christmas presents.

2013 has certainly managed to kick off to a lovely little start.  I’m looking forward to eeking the most out of the next week at home.  Brunch, croissants, coffee and yoga, anyone?  Here’s to a great second day of the year!

Did you have a good time welcoming in 2013?

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