Snow on Saturday and a Holiday Breakfast at Glass Shop


Saturday morning coffee and croissants are my tradition.  It began with my mom at Almondine during my senior year of high school and continued when  I went to university.  On the weekend my hall served a middling continental breakfast and crap-tastic coffee (reheated English pain aux raisin or margarine infused danish aren’t really my idea of high quality pastry).  There was a brief pause in tradition when I was in charge of my own meals for the first time during second year, but then I resumed with my search for the best croissant in Bristol and I’ve been eagerly sampling the different cornetti (or brioches) in Pavia.  The reason I only post croissant reviews on Saturday here is because I only eat them on Saturdays (okay, the occasional Sunday as well).  It’s a little moment of my week that I want to share with you all.

Last Saturday there was snow forecasted for New York and, for the first time in a while, I was excited.  I’ve been travelling, usually in the air, for the past two years whenever it snowed.  Not cool.  The idea of cuddling up in thick cashmere socks with a steaming mug of mint tea and a good book near my Christmas tree sounded like heaven.  The fact that my day would begin with a coffee and breakfast pastry with a friend was a lovely bonus.

I’ve been wanting to try Glass Shop in Prospect Heights for a long time.  It seemed like a nice little shop in an unassuming neighborhood.  Prospect Heights is where you drive through to go to the airport or right by the Brooklyn Museum to me.  It’s not much else.

Now, however, I’ll have to add it to my list of places that has good coffee.  Glass Shop was pretty empty when we arrived.  Unlike some cafes that are just as hectic on a Saturday morning as they are during the work week, Glass Shop was calm and sedate.  There was a group of three people chatting at a large communal table in the front of the shop and a guy working on a laptop with a latte in the back.  The cafe was pleasingly rustic and not overly designed, yet it still had those unique hipster touches that will mark any New York — specifically Brooklyn — cafe as a serious coffee locale.  There was a good smattering of tables, about five two seaters in the back and a large one with the mondrian pattern.  In the front there was a large communal table that could easily seat a good grouping of people without feeling like you were intruding on someone else’s conversation.

I ordered a cortado, my friend wanted to get a hot chocolate but was told they didn’t have any and ordered a latte instead (really?  no hot chocolate on a cold saturday morning after Christmas?  I really hope you just ran out guys, not cool.  not cool).  We split a croissant.  They also had some breakfast sandwiches, dough doughnuts, muffins and bagels.  Oh, and there were some dog treats if fido was good on his walk over.

The croissant was surprisingly good.  It was very crispy outside and with decent layers inside.  There wasn’t quite enough butter flavor to make this a proper good croissant, but compared to what you usually find at cafes, it was top notch.  I had no complaints really.  The lack of Butter made it nice for dipping into your coffee.

My cortado was quite good.  Not excellent, but perfectly acceptable.  They brew La Colombe Nizza, which is always nice if not astonishing.  My cortado was a touch big (the cup was nearly overflowing as the barista handed it to me), but you could taste the coffee’s nutty and almost floral notes nicely.  The milk was well-frothed and there was just the right amount of schiuma for a cortado.  My one real complaint was the lone, askew dash of coco powder on top.  Why was it there?  I have no idea.  It would have been more attractive without it.

Glass Shop isn’t destination coffee, I don’t really think you can be if you aren’t roasting your own beans or using a unique roaster/blend, but it’s a great find if you live in or around Prospect Heights.  With a lovely little selection of pastries and a lovely ambiance, it’s perfect for working or, preferrably, for meeting up with friends on Saturday morning.

Do you have any Saturday morning traditions?  Or weekend traditions in general?


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