Black Brick Coffee


A good cafe should have a place to sit down.  Italy might not agree with that and it might be difficult to have a lot of space to sit in New York, but even a little area to perch will appease me.  Even if the area is so small that, unless you are the first person to arrive in the morning, there is no way you’ll be able to occupy said seat, I want to see the possibility of relaxation.

Black Brick is not one of those places where you would need to get overly worried about finding a place to perch.  The cafe is large by NYC standards and, I’d argue, large by any standards.  There are plenty of seats for those with laptops and there are even a few spots reserved for those who would prefer to chat with friends or read alone.  The tables are all drifted/reclaimed wood and the chairs look like they might have been taken out of the ruins of a school from the 1930s…or sometime in the indescribable past.

My parents and I went to Black Brick after munching on some delicious pastries at Bakeri.  It was the Sunday before New Years and the city was deserted.  There was hardly anyone walking around the streets of Williamsburg.  There was a frigid edge in the air, forcing people inside.  It was very simply ideal coffee drinking weather.

When we walked in to the rustic-looking cafe, there were only a handful of people inside.  Most of them were sitting at tables with laptops, dutifully working with large coffees at their side.  I immediately ordered a cortado and went to sit at the large table up front on a tall seat.  It was a communal table, large enough that you wouldn’t have felt intruded upon if someone was to come and sit down right next to you.

The cortado was excellent.  It was Stumptown done right.  Sometimes stumptown can feel excessively tongue-coating and rich, but this managed to take all the good rich, chocolatey aspects about Stumptown espresso that I love and not make them so in your face.  The milk was well frothed, though not perfect.  Still, a solid cortado.  My mother got a decaf cappuccino of which I had a small sip.  It was good, appropriately milkier but a touch strangely sweet.

Black Brick would be perfect for meeting up with friends or working if you’re in the Williamsburg area.  Perhaps not a place to go for breakfast, but ideal for any other time of the day.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood cafe or other weekend hang out spot?

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