A Happy List from a Paris Cafe


While I was sitting at Ten Belles in Paris, I had the urge to make a happy list. After all, there was much to smile about.  An amazing cafe in a lovely city.  A trip with my mother and the promise of an afternoon braving the first days of Les Soldes.  Here are the things that made it into my little purple book.

sitting in cafes for a long time


taking photos

cashmere sweaters

contrasts make life sweet

i choose to live a sweet life

flat boots

beauty and ugly and beauty

dreaming bigger

dreaming more


finding truth




do i understand?

 unknown and mystery please!

differences unite us



one colour

(writing english spellings without realizing)

less is more

french yogurt

good jam


quality snob


(or is it Fralian?)

les soldes


cheap planes

nice colours

noisette (i mean the coffee drink)

being warm

sharing something special

early morning walks

early morning light

being together

being together apart

being apart together


phone calls

spring (it’s coming soon, isn’t?)

What’s been making you utterly happy lately?


3 thoughts on “A Happy List from a Paris Cafe

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