A Day of Perfect Meals (as inspired by Spilled Milk)


It was love at first listen with the podcast Spilled Milk from Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg.  I was in my room in the house of horrors last year, sick of writing about Dante and eager for a distraction.  During one of my numerous internet breaks, I saw an interview about cereal with the duo and immediately hopped on over to itunes to download the podcast.

I always turn on Spilled Milk when exercising.  At first, a new episode was a treat to get me through long runs while training for the Bristol 10K.  Then they became my early morning weight-lifting companion.  Listening to a discussion about fudge while working out?  How perfect!  erm, how ironic.

The other day, while lifting weights naturally, I was listening to the ‘day of perfect meals’ episode.  Perhaps it was all that serious iron I was pumping, but I started to think about what my day of perfect meals would consist of.  After finishing my tenth push-up, I decided that I had to play the game on the blog!  It’s a bit random and doesn’t collide with my favorite foods, but it was an enlightening exercise.  Let me know about your day of perfect meals!

Breakfast A croissant at Almondine with a cappuccino from Gimme!  Coffee.  While a cortado is my favorite drink, the cappuccino from Gimme! is just too food to resist.  Besides, there’s something so satisfying about dipping a croissant into the foam of a cappuccino.  Cultural diffusion at its finest.

Lunch A mushroom grilled cheese sandwich with a kale salad on the side.  I first had a mushroom grilled cheese sandwich at Northern Spy Food Co. last spring and have been eating them with frightening regularity ever since.  I’m not normally a cheese girl, but good grilled cheese reminds me of Saturdays in high school when my mother would make me a grilled mozzarella sandwich on some Almondine baguette.  So, so good.

Snack  Beet-cucumber-ginger juice.  There’s something about beet juice that just makes me happy.  Is it the bright color that doesn’t possibly seem like it could come from nature?  Is it the slightly sweet taste?  Or is it something else all togther?  I have no idea, but I’d certainly choose a tall glass of beet juice for my snack, made at home and drunk with my mother while looking at the most recent issue of Lucky.

Dinner Chana Saag.  Good Take away chana saag that’s heavy on the spinach is one of my favorite foods.  I don’t need any samosa or naan.  I’ll have some rice if it’s offered to me, but if it’s not that’s okay too.

Dessert Two macarons from Pierre Herme: mosaic and truffe blanche avec noisette.  I know, I feel like I should be choosing something with chocolate as well, but you can’t really argue when Herme comes into the room.  While both French cookies are limited editions, they are two of the best things I have ever eaten.  Making something sweet with truffles?  Monseiur Herme, you sure do know the way to my heart.

What’s in your day of perfect meals?  Do you agree with anything I said?  Disagree strongly?


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