A Weekend in Bristol (and London too!)


Hello everyone!  I hope you had a brilliant weekend.  I most certainly did.  Although any weekend that begins on Thursday and ends on Monday is pretty gosh-darn good in my opinion.  Here are just some of the highlights that helped me renew my faith in the excitement of the universe over the past days.

-Spending the first hour of a three and a half hour bus ride (I die) talking with a guy from South Africa and a guy from Zimbabwe who had just returned from flying planes in Algeria (and were enroute to their respective countries) as well a girl from Naples who was studying in Cardiff.  We were an international group to say the least.

-Tapas.  Cookies and Cream.  White wine.  Exactly what I want after traveling for twelve hours.

-Catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.

-Not having to pay the £10 fee for a new student ID because the woman issuing it felt bad that I had my wallet stolen.

-Single Origin cider.  I went around to everyone sipping on it exclaiming how awesome I thought it was to have single origin cider (like single origin coffee!).  No, I wasn’t drunk at all.

-Beginning and finishing Gone Girl (oh my gosh, go read it now!)

-There is good coffee in Bristol!  Small Street is all around fantastic, but I knew that the moment I saw their copy of The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee on their shelves.  If you find yourself at Boston Tea Party, get the macchiato.  It’s basically a noisette and surprisingly delicious.

-Baking an impromptu batch of brownies in a friend’s kitchen.

-Sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  This shouldn’t make me so happy, but it never fails to put a huge, stupid smile on my face.

-Bristol Temple Meads to London Paddington.  AKA the best (and most nostalgic) train ride ever.

-Miraculously having another truffe blanche et noisette macaron from Pierre Herme.  They really are one of my favorite foods ever.

-Sun in England.  Sun in Bristol!

-A surprisingly good university production of The Tempest.  That’s right, I managed to sneak in a bit of culture this weekend.

-Prepared foods from Marks and Spencers.  Why don’t they have this in Italy?  Scratch that, why don’t they have this in New York?

-Finally, finally, finally going to Prufrock Coffee.  It’s all I thought it would be and more.  Go the next time you’re in the London area.  I recommend the 4 ounces espresso with milk, though the pour over options look great as well.

-Celebrating the first of my friends’ 21st birthday party.  In England.  It’s just a tad ironic, isn’t it?

-Talking and talking and talking to my mother on the phone because talk mobile is so gosh darn cheap.

-A box of food from Ottolenghi eaten in the hostel.  What did I get?  Well that would be squash with corn and goat cheese, a wonderful rice salad with lots of dried fruit, the world’s best aubergine thing ever and broccoli.

-A long bus ride around London with picture perfect views.  If you are planning to go to London, I highly recommend hopping on the 24 bus to take in the city.  It passes by nearly every monument in Central London.

-Running through the airport.  As always.

What was something beautiful, enlightening or smile inducing that you did last weekend?


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