A Month, A Challenge, A Year: My 2013 Action Plan

DSC_1013 I’m a bit late coming to the 2013 resolution/challenges scene, but I’m jumping in head first anyway.  I love the idea of new years resolutions, I just need time to think about how I want to improve myself this year.  Over the years my resolutions have varied in their achievability, but they usually look something like this: get into a specific middle school/high school/university, read 52 books and survive the year. In each and every case, I accomplished my aim.  Still, I always knew these resolutions were a bit cheap.  Sure, you could say that I wouldn’t have pushed myself so hard to read that many books or spent literally the entirety of April 2010 studying for my AP exams.  I, unfortunately, am not lying about that one.  the one break from studying for calculus and spanish was during my other subjects at school. I even spoke spanish at home.  Neither of my parents speak spanish.  Still, I’d argue that those things were going to happen whether or not I “resolved” to do them.

This year I have the same half-baked resolutions.  Whether or not I focus on them every day is a moot point.  Simply having something to guide me helps me to feel less astray.  That being said, I do want something I can focus on everyday, to give me a little pick me up as I go about my routine.
In 2013 I am going to undertake one challenge per month.  They aren’t going to be happiness-project style challenges, that would require more planning than I’m willing to devote right now.  No, my challenges are simpler than that.  Each month will have a little daily task that could range from taking a photo of something to making something or listening to a certain song.  Here’s the list of challenges, feel free to join me on this adventure!

January: Write a happy list each night before bed

February: Pin/take a photo of something that you love every day

March:  Take a photo of the coffee I drink every day

April:  Read an article in Italian every day (and then tweet about it to keep me accountable!)

May: Photograph my breakfast every day

June:  Choose a song every day to add to a June playlist

July: Hug someone each day

August:  Make a juice (or at least drink one!) every day

September:  intentionally eat one vegan meal every day (i do this all the time unintentionally, but I want to focus a little bit more on making myself, ahem, well-rounded vegan meals.  all too often when I’m at university a meal becomes vegan for one of three reasons a: I’m too lazy to make either baked/scrambled eggs — the only kinds I can cook b:  cooking fish/chicken terrifies me — I don’t eat red meat and HATE turkey c: I haven’t bought cheese because I don’t really like it)

October:  Make a gratitude list every day

November:  Write for National Novel Writing Month!

December:  Pin/take a Christmas photo every day

Do you prefer to set monthly or yearly goals?  What are some goals you are working toward this month (or year!)?


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