A Happy List for Mid-February


I know, I know, how is it the middle of February already?  I can’t figure out if this year is flying by or dragging it’s heels and I kind of like it that way.  If you ask me tomorrow how I feel about the year, I’ll probably change my  mind.  I’m liking it that way.

Do you have any plans for valentine’s day?  Mine involve buying myself some chocolate and, perhaps, enjoying some beets.  Here’s a little list of the things that are putting a smile on my face during these strange days of February.  I hope you are having a lovely month so far!

music on headphones

noisette cups (ie espresso cups filled to the top)

the word noisette

the word nocciola

italian anthropology

muesli that is, essentially, cookie cereal

blood oranges

mukka express coffee


being a nomad

counting down


this blog

finding a really, really good brioche in Pavia

glasses of prosecco

my parent’s trip to Italy

jam, specifically this cherry one

honey, i’m liking chestnut honey

pretending to like France

new magazines

sunday bagels in Milan

wearing blazers

my coffee essay

hot chocolate made with taza chocolate

sunny days

il panificio

dressing up for studying

pretty little liars, the books are still better than the tv show

Black Gold.  Watch it now.

spring break plans

brunch plans

birthday plans

valentine’s day is tomorrow!

What is making you absolutely, ridiculously happy as of late?


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