Starting March Off on the Happy Foot


Happy March!

How did it get here?  I’m not too sure, but I’m eager to welcome this month in with wide open arms.  After all, March signals the start of Spring and spring means warmer weather, longer days and my 21st birthday.  It’s all looking gosh darn awesome from here.

Although I’m thrilled to see March arrive, it’s been difficult at points to get to this point in the year.  Let me share with you some things that have made me smile recently and kept me pushing through long class marathons.  Maybe something will make you smile as well!

peanut butter

bread for breakfast

sunny days

the smell of fresh rain

honey and milk lip balm

being brave


did I mention I’m going to Berlin on Saturday?

seeing high school friends

buying plane tickets

striped shirts

this chocolate

playing risiko…i mean risk

buying postcards

aperol spritz.  it never gets old

fiction books

non fiction articles

reading the New York Times headlines

happy bracelets

wandering bookshops

hand written signs in pastry shop windows

french words

local wine

fizzy water at the weekend

new bread


observation, reflection

moving past challenges

recognizing the decent/good ones

stereotypical italian places that are better than the stereotype



What has been making you unbelievably happy recently?  Or at least share something that’s made you crack a half smile!


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