The Doors of Italy – le porte di italia


There are plenty of beautiful things to look at while walking down the street in Italy.  There’s the windows, the cobblestones, the people, the shop store displays and that church over there.  I would argue, however, if you aren’t looking at the doors, you’re missing out on something spectacular.

The doors in Italy come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  They’re grand and small and hysterical.  Sometimes they open up onto courtyards, sometimes onto stairwells and sometimes, although this is rare, they open onto the actual house.  They might be the size for a hobbit or the size for a giant or the size for a regular person.


I love them all.  I love the colored doors, the huge doors and the doors with amazing handles.  The doors in Italy are beautiful no matter what.  They are completely and unfailingly Italian.  You can’t find these doors in France, though the doors are beautiful there as well.  You won’t see these doors in England, the doors there are delightfully cute and humble.  You would never see a door like this in America, except maybe in front of a disturbingly un-ironic mansion.

I enjoy imagining walking through these majestic doors and the world that is hiding behind them.  Passing through the threshold would be like opening the cover of a really good book, it transports you to a world that is beyond, a world in which anything could happen.  You may find ten foot ceilings, hot pink walls or candles lighting the hallway.  Anything is possible.


Although I don’t live in a house with a particular grand, hobbit-like or fantasy-filled entry way, I enjoy feeling the atmosphere of the houses that do have them.  Does life change if you walk through such a historical door each day?  Mustn’t you see the world at least a differently if your house hides behind these doors?  Maybe you do.  Maybe you don’t.  Maybe it’s normal.  Maybe the doors of New York are enticing to you.

Italian doors, like everything else in the country, are fiercely Italian.  They may appear in different variations in other places in the world, but they always retain their Italian-ness.  History, grandeur and whimsical touches; enjoy this entrance to the world.

Do you like looking at doors, windows or houses in general when traveling?


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