26 Years


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I’m so lucky to have grown up in such a tight knit little family unit.  While people might shake their head and wonder what life was like without a sibling, it was great.  My parents remind me, every day in words and actions, that I can, in fact, achieve my dreams and accomplish more than I realize.

Whether it was museum trips with my Dad, playing Nancy Drew games with my mom or Sunday morning breakfast, my parents have given me beautiful traditions, values and memories to carry with me every day.  It’s impossible to go to a museum without thinking of my dad and impossible to see a period movie without wondering what my mother would say of the costume’s authenticity.  Sure, it’s annoying sometimes, but it’s always comforting as well.

I always say that my parents don’t quite have their priorities straight, something for which I couldn’t be more thankful.  These are the people who stayed up all night — and should be the ones having stress flashbacks — trying to get me home when Heathrow was all but shut down in 2010.  These are the people who never once told me that I couldn’t go to school abroad.  These are the people who don’t mind when I tote them to a hip new brunch place and go with the flow beautifully.

Mom and Dad, I couldn’t be happier with the family that I grew up in.  Thank you so much for being the best parents any one could have ever asked me.

What’s your strongest memory of your parents?


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